May, 2014

opa y ole greek restaurant / otay mesa – san diego, ca
May 12th, 2014 Mary, Otay, San Diego County mary 5 Comments

We’re going to do a little break in travel posts to review something we tried right before Jake and I left to go to Florida. It’s this Greek restaurant waaaaaaay down South in Otay Mesa off the 905. Basically: a place I would probably never go to if we hadn’t gone over to the outlet mall at Plaza de las Americas. It’s always weird to me to look over and see Mexico and think, “Huh. Right over there is a whole different …

the kebab shop / san diego, ca

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to the Kebab Shop. But I was recently invited to come in and try the menu again and I happily accepted.
I revisited the one in Mira Mesa and was happy to see they have expanded to include two new locations in Encinitas, CA and Little Italy. The Kebab Shop serves up the kind of food you’re used to seeing at Greek places, but slightly different. Their main item are their Doner Kebabs (sort of like a …

new shrimp items at daphne’s california greek

Daphne’s has undergone a transformation, becoming Daphne’s California Greek last year and offering more and diverse items on their menu. One of their newest additions are their new shrimp items.

[Crispy Shrimp Pita Sandwich with two sides]
The crispy shrimp has been on the menu before, but never before in a pita sandwich. I got the Shrimp Gyro meal with two sides – greek salad and rice pilaf.
The shrimp itself was nicely done – crisp with a bit of herbs that are in …

Onto the next free birthday food!
Today’s my actual birthday, in case you were wondering. What will I be doing today? Getting a massage. Getting some free foods. And probably going to Eclipse Chocolat for a pumpkin spice cupcake. It doesn’t hurt that through the rest of the year on Tuesdays they’re giving a free truffle every Tuesday with a $5 purchase. Sign me up!
Anyway, onto the free birthday eats! This time around I went to Daphne’s California Greek. Earlier this …

Birthday Food Roundup – The Free Goods
October 30th, 2010 etc, Mary mary 10 Comments

It seems to happen every year around this time. Birthdays. Everyone has one and how you celebrate – whether you ignore it or embrace it – is a matter of personal taste. Awhile ago I signed up for as many restaurant clubs as I could muster, to see what kind of goodies I could get in celebration of my birthday. It’s a fun way to celebrate for a longer period of time and to make yourself feel a little extra …

canada steak burger / city heights | san diego, ca

Canada Steak Burger is a place that Jake and I passed many times. He’s had a few people tell him the food is good but we seemed to always forget about it. We tried stopping in before this visit but couldn’t find any parking; the lot is very small and there’s not always street parking around. The gods shone down on us on this day though as we grabbed a spot in the teeny parking lot and made our way …

the kebab shop – mira mesa / san diego, ca

A recent restaurant addition to the Mira Mesa area is The Kebab Shop. Their original location is downtown on 9th and Market but this is my first time visiting one of their establishments. The Kebab Shop took over for the old Starbucks location in the Ralphs shopping mall (oh my god, they actually removed a Starbucks instead of adding a new one!) and whatever vacant store front was next door to it. I noticed they were renovating the place a …

Good Mall Food? – Pacific Grill / El Cajon, CA
September 23rd, 2009 Cheap Eats, El Cajon, Mary, San Diego County mary 3 Comments

Usually when I think of mall food, I think of overpriced treats that are only marginally tasty. But I have discovered a place in Parkway Plaza in El Cajon that has really good gyros. No joke.

The place is called “Pacific Grill”. It’s in the corner of the food court next to the parking lot. It’s pretty unassuming  at first glance. But after coming here a few time for gyro’s, I must say it’s quite a tasty place to visit, especially …

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