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I first spotted Skewers awhile ago when I was working in Mira Mesa. This place is in Sorrento Valley near Crouton’s and the Opera Cafe. The impression I got from the outside was that it was a grilling kind of place (I was thinking of BBQ chicken and the like for some reason). I didn’t really look into it further until recently when I was nearby and dropped in for lunch on a very rainy Monday.

skewers san diego - outside

I was surprised to find that it’s a Mediterranean restaurant, though I suppose if I had really put more thought into it I would have figured it out. I was greeted warmly by the counter lady who encouraged me to stash my wet umbrella on the floor while I stood and looked over the menu. I can never seem to stray from gyros, so I knew I wanted that right off the bat, but I also wanted to try something else. I honed in on the “Potato Turnovers” and was all set to order my meal.

skewers san diego - inside

After ordering I took a seat in the back and waited.  I was expecting to get maybe 2 turnovers lukewarm in a little bag, as if I were getting egg rolls at a Chinese restaurant but instead my Potato Turnovers ($3.25) came out with 4 turnovers, two dipping sauces and a little salad looking garnish.

skewers san diego - potato turnovers

The potatoes turnovers were pipping hot and I could tell immediately were freshly made. I got Tzatziki sauce and some other herb/oil sauce which were both very good on the turnover. The inside of the turnover was soft, creamy, and hot. The outside was crispy and not oily or greasy. I happily double dipped this in the Tzatziki sauce and made my mouth quite happy with this choice of appetizer. I also munched on my cucumbers before digging into my Gyro sandwich which arrived before I finished munching on my turnovers.

They refer to Gryos (and other similar items) as “Wraps” here. Also, I believe this is only a weekday special around lunch time, but you can get the Gryo with fries (or any other wrap) for $4.99. Regular price on the menu lists it as $6.49 so this is a steal and totally budget friendly.

skewers san diego - gyro

The Gyro itself was fairly large and stuffed full with delicious gyro (lamb/beef) meat. It had a very good amount of Tzatziki sauce, with a few tomatoes and onions thrown in for good measure. There was a sprinkling of something on top of the sauce which I couldn’t identify, but it didn’t interfere with the taste at all so it didn’t bug me. The best part was that it was very saucy – the sauce oozed down into the rest of the sandwich making it a very satisfying meal for me and my tummy. I hate when my Gyros run out of sauce, so this was excellent. I couldn’t exactly say this was the best Gyro I’ve ever had, but it was very good and for the price, it gets high marks on my internal imaginary list.

The service here is also very good – I’m not sure if it’s because I was like the only one in there (it was early – 11AM or so) or if they’re usually this friendly. The counter lady came by to actually check on me and my meal, just like a waitress would in a regular sit  down restaurant.

If you’re in the area and are hankering a Gyro or other meal, then this is a good place to stop – especially with the Wraps deal. Not exactly a place to go out of your way for, but the food is good and will fill you up with a hearty meal.

9254 Scranton Rd., Suite 106
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 658-0109

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