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whale watching in dana point + a giveaway
January 3rd, 2014Dana Point, etc, Mary, Orange County, Road TripsMary Desjean 7 Comments

Now the luscious food is out of the way… let’s get to my post about the actual reason for our whole little road trip! I was invited to go up to Dana Point for an afternoon of Whale Watching with Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Watching! I was given the option of actually either deep sea fishing or whale watching and quite frankly, hours and hours on a boat did not appeal to me. But two hours I could totally …

lemonade / newport beach, ca

For dinner, I choose Lemonade. Lemonade is a Los Angeles chain, serving American style cafeteria food. The only reason I ever heard of Lemonade in the first place is because I was sent a copy of their new cookbook earlier this year.

Browsing through the cookbook was intriguing since there were a lot of fresh sounding and different recipes in the book. It made me want to visit the associated restaurant to see what made Lemonade so popular.

Lemonade is situated on …

macaron hunting at ‘lette and bon epi / orange county, ca
January 1st, 2014Irvine, Mary, Newport Beach, Orange County, Road TripsMary Desjean 4 Comments

After our breakfast at Tip Top Meats, we headed up to Dana Point… to go whale watching! But, I decided I wanted to try all about the food first before the whale watching trip. One of the things I wanted to do while we were up in Orange County was to try out some macaron cookies. Now, don’t get these confused with “macaroons” which are those coconut haystack looking things. These are some “fancy French-like” cookies that come in a …

[road trip] el torito nick taqueria / anaheim – orange county, ca
September 27th, 2013Cheap Eats, Mary, Orange County, Santa AnaMary Desjean 0 Comments

For our last venture out before heading back to San Diego, we tried to go to a place I scouted out called Taqueria 2 Guys. Sadly, they were closed for some reason though their website said they should be open. I guess they were closed for the Labor Day holiday… even though it wasn’t actually Labor Day yet? We decided to instead go to a place we passed by on the way in.

On the outside, it says this place is …

[road trip] flurries shaved snow bar / cypress – orange county, ca
September 26th, 2013Cypress, Mary, Orange County, Road TripsMary Desjean 6 Comments

For dinner during our little road trip, we revisited Peking Restaurant, a Chinese place we really liked. Heading back to the hotel, right across the street from our hotel actually, I saw this place called Flurries Shaved Snow Bar. Guess where we went for dessert? You better believe it!

This was a spur of the moment dessert and we just shared one thing since we still had donuts back in our room. We weren’t sure what to get and then we …

[road trip] donuttery / huntington beach – orange county, ca

When we were leaving the Civil War Reenactment, we passed right by the Donuttery. It was on my list of places to visit and I think I sort of moaned out at Jake that we just passed a donut place I wanted to go to. You see, I had gotten heat sickness while at the Civil War thing. It came on so suddenly while we were standing and listening to some tales of the blockade runners in the South and …

[road trip] civil war reenactment 2013 / huntington beach, ca
September 24th, 2013Huntington Beach, Mary, Orange County, Road TripsMary Desjean 8 Comments

* This is a non-food post! But it’s still cool, I swear!
I’ve been into Civil War stuff for a long time. It’s all stemmed from one class I took in college that I found terribly interesting, due in part to the professor’s enthusiasm to make it all interesting and also because I’ve always had a weirdly keen interest in history and military wars.
We had T with us this time around and made sure to stop at our favorite spot from …

[road trip] papa z’s / fountain valley – orange county, ca
September 23rd, 2013Fountain Valley, Mary, Orange County, Road TripsMary Desjean 2 Comments

Over Labor Day weekend this year, we made another trip up to Huntington Beach for the annual Civil War reenactment in the park next to the Huntington Beach library. This time around we took Jake’s oldest son, T, along for the fun ride.
Before we headed over for the battles, we fueled up for breakfast at a joint in Fountain Valley called Papa Z’s. I found the place on Yelp and after peeking at the menu, I was surprised at how …

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