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happy national donut day!

You know you live in the good old USA when a there’s a National Donut Day. Yeah, we’re crazy.
Crazy for donuts, that is!
I realized recently that I had been to like, three donut shops in the span of two weeks and I got to thinking of doing a donuts post. And when I heard that June 7th was National Donut Day, I felt like the stars were aligning so I could do this mega donut post. So here goes nothing!
Randy’s …

britts bbq / el segundo, ca
June 3rd, 2013El Segundo, Los Angeles County, MaryMary Desjean 6 Comments

I had to make a quick trip up to LAX last month and I figured if I was going all the way up to Los Angeles in rush hour traffic, there better at least be some tasty food at the end of the tunnel. A bit of searching led me to two different ideas for places… but we ended up going to Britt’s BBQ in El Segundo since it is right next to the airport. We had an hour to …

red velvet donuts at granny’s donuts / lakewood, ca

Recently I was in Los Angeles county for a wedding. When we got off the freeway, Heather had requested a quick stop at a Starbucks for coffee and food and right next door to the Starbucks was this:

Granny’s Donuts & Cookies Too
Yeah, there are only two dots at the end. Maybe they’re trying to say that they sell two things? And therefore only need two dots instead of the full three…
I’ve no idea.
But I chuckled at the name and the …

eating in la: curry house / little tokyo – downtown los angeles, ca

For dinner on my one and only night in Los Angeles on this trip, I was given a few different options. I chose to go to the Curry House since they had a big variety of items and a Curry-Spaghetti Japanese place sounded really interesting to me. I was sad to find out later that there used to be a location in San Diego off Convoy that has since closed. Sad I never knew about it!
Curry House has ten locations …

eating in la: broome street general store / silver lake – los angeles, ca
April 11th, 2012Los Angeles County, MaryMary Desjean 2 Comments

Our post-felting class excursion led up over to Silver Lake to Broome Street General Store. We passed right by it without even seeing it since the sign out front was angled weird – you could pretty much only see it if you were heading down the street in a particular direction. Very odd.
Broome Street is named for a street in Manhattan where the owner once lived. It’s filled with various vintage kitchen items and sundries and various artisan goods (such …

eating in la: the village bakery & cafe / atwater village – los angeles, ca
April 9th, 2012Atwater Village, Los Angeles County, MaryMary Desjean 2 Comments

Time for another road trip! This time to hang out with my cohort, Alyssa.
I drove up on a Saturday morning to her house just outside of Downtown LA. I always go up Saturday morning because Friday afternoon traffic makes me very, very sad. There was a slight drizzle when I left and I encountered no traffic on my way up. I got to her house just under 2 hours. That’s the way to go!
After I got there, we got ready …

comedy & magic club / hermosa beach – los angeles, ca
October 1st, 2011Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles County, MaryMary Desjean 4 Comments

The cool thing about going to a show at the Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, CA is that it’s not a very big place. It seats 225 people, making for a small, intimate show. No one is very far away from the stage and you can see the comedians pretty up close. It’s a great place to see any comedian, but especially Gabriel Iglesias since this is his “hometown” club. He tries out new material here, sometimes takes …

rossmoor pastries / long beach | los angeles, ca
September 29th, 2011Long Beach, Los Angeles County, Mary, Signal HillMary Desjean 0 Comments

After finally picking up the car after lunch, we decided to head over to Rossmoor Pastries. Jake and I had learned about this local Long Beach bakery from dining at the Brazilian Steakhouse the night before.
The last time we went to see Gabriel Iglesias, we brought him a cake that I had made (this is why we bring him cake). I was feeling lazy and unwilling to bring a cake up to Long Beach again, so I decided we would …

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