The Taco Stand – North Park

Jake and I decided that for our wedding we were gonna do tacos. It was a convenient surprise to get an invite to The Taco Stand since it doubled up as a review for food and for the wedding! The Taco Stand started off in La Jolla and has now […] Read More

Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes + A Visit to Pete’s Seafood

Hello, friends! I’m here today to share two things: a yummy, delicious invitation to Pete’s Seafood in North Park AND some wedding stuff. Heehee. The wedding stuff is first, so if you’re not interested, just scroll on down to see the seafood goodness below! Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes The very first […] Read More

SoleLuna Cafe – San Diego Restaurant Week Preview

It’s weird that it’s time for San Diego Restaurant Week again ALREADY. Like what. But hey that just means it’s time for awesome deals on awesome food! This time around I was invited to check out SoleLuna Cafe, which is located in the Cortez Hill area of Downtown San Diego, not […] Read More

Engaged + A Dinner at Cowboy Star

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written but GUESS WHAT YOU GUYS! I GOT ENGAGED!#%$! Jake took me by complete and total surprise on Christmas Eve when he asked me to marry him (in front of our parents after dinner) and got me this beautiful peridot engagement ring! I’ve […] Read More

Foster Farms Bold Bites Chicken [review]

This is a sponsored post written by me! I was invited to try a new product from Foster Farms called Bold Bites. I like chicken and I like trying new things, so why not? The packages were sent to my house and they even included the cute cardboard container for […] Read More

Eat Clean Meal Prep Service

Over the summer (uhh this post is overdue, eh) I was invited to try out Eat Clean Meal Prep service. It’s a local service owned and operated in San Diego specializing in creating healthy meal prep services that get delivered right to your doorstep. They specialize in making clean, nutritional […] Read More