Great Wow – Hillcrest – San Diego, CA

Recently Jake and I had a little lunch outing at a place called Great Wow in Hillcrest. I was feeling like dumplings and noodles and discovered this place on Yelp. Woo! It’s located in the heart of Hillcrest, right off Fifth Ave and University Ave. They have a bright and […] Read More

Union Smokehouse BBQ – College Area – San Diego, CA

Last weekend Jake and I went to try a new joint near his house called Union Smokehouse BBQ. It’s over in the College Area, right next to Smashburger with Tea Station around the corner. We noticed Union Smokehouse BBQ a few weeks ago when we were in the area and […] Read More

[recipe] Loquat Upside Down Cake

I was inspired to make this Loquat Upside Down Cake after I stopped by the Mira Mesa Farmers Market. I was browsing around and I ended up picking up some loquats! Our neighbor used to have a loquat tree that hung over our yard. My friend, Laura, adores loquats and […] Read More

El Clasico Diner – Lemon Grove, CA

A couple of weeks ago Jake and I went out for a little breakfast. Jake started a new job and sometimes he has to work on Sundays. This was one of those days. I decided we should at least have a nice breakfast before he had to go off to […] Read More

Recap of Taste of Point Loma 2018

Last week was the Taste of Point Loma for 2018! I previously won tickets in 2016 and 2017 but this year I was invited to attend. I feel legit, you guys. Here’s the list of restaurants for the Taste of Point Loma! All of the places with a paw print […] Read More

Seabass, Crudo & More at Fishmonger’s Market in San Diego

I’m slacking on posting my visit to Fishmonger’s Market from LAST MONTH. Bad slacker blogger. Bad! Let me make it up to you by showing you photos of delicious food. Cool? Cool. So, yeah, I was invited by Christina M. from Alt Strategies to come on down with her for […] Read More

Curry n Kabab – Miramar – San Diego, CA

I will readily admit that I don’t eat a lot of Indian food. In fact, I can probably count the number of times I’ve ever had Indian on my hands. But I know that I love Naan bread and that’s what I felt like eating last week. I did a […] Read More

Steamy Piggy

My co-worker, Cris, wanted to go to Steamy Piggy. Who am I to say no to new things? PIGGIES ONLY. Interior at Steamy Piggy. It was a lot smaller than I thought. We ended up sitting out on the patio. Better lighting for foods. Steamy Piggy menu number 1. And… […] Read More