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Canada Steak Burger is a place that Jake and I passed many times. He’s had a few people tell him the food is good but we seemed to always forget about it. We tried stopping in before this visit but couldn’t find any parking; the lot is very small and there’s not always street parking around. The gods shone down on us on this day though as we grabbed a spot in the teeny parking lot and made our way inside.

Since we had only passed by, we didn’t know that this place sold Greek food – we thought it was just a burger joint! But they have a full menu with gyros, various sandwiches (philly cheesesteaks, blt’s, chicken sandwiches), porterhouse steak (!), shrimp and other Greek items like Souvlaki, Falafel and Spanakopita. We took it easy and just ordered burgers – with gyros on top!

I’m sorry this picture kind of sucks – you can’t really see the gyros under the cheese, but it’s there! A good amount of gyros were placed on top of my burger (I got the 6oz – $3.49 – plus .99 cents for the gyro addition). It was a juicy burger and the gyros were a nice, additional flavor onto the meat. The gyro meat is also cooked well – who would have ever thought to add it to a burger (except for these guys)? Excellent idea!

If you’re ever cruising up University Ave. and spot this little joint, it’s highly recommended that you stop in for a bite. They’ve got a varied menu to try and the prices are pretty decent!

Canada Steak Burger
3604 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 283-4345

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2 thoughts on “canada steak burger / city heights | san diego, ca

  1. hi mary, there’s a canada steak burger off the 805 and telegraph/L St exit. I always wondered about that but never went in. I saw this post since it was a link from your newest post. how misleading to call yourself ‘canada steak burger’ and just serve greek food! unless the one down in c.v. is diff’t. i’m just rambling now.

    1. Hi CC! Yeah, they opened another location down there. It is mostly greek food but they do have some good burgers, too. It’s pretty cheap and I usually get a gyro. One time we saw this lady order a chicken salad and it was HUGE with freshly grilled chicken on it – I want to try that sometime! The name is confusing to me, too. I think I read what it was before but now I forgot the history behind it. Damn me.

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