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Onto the next free birthday food!

Today’s my actual birthday, in case you were wondering. What will I be doing today? Getting a massage. Getting some free foods. And probably going to Eclipse Chocolat for a pumpkin spice cupcake. It doesn’t hurt that through the rest of the year on Tuesdays they’re giving a free truffle every Tuesday with a $5 purchase. Sign me up!

Anyway, onto the free birthday eats! This time around I went to Daphne’s California Greek. Earlier this year they tweaked their name so it’s no longer “Daphne’s Greek Cafe”. My local Daphne’s got a slick, new revamp along with a revamped menu. It appears they’ve also revamped the birthday offerings since instead of the usual “you can have 1 of whatever you want”, you now only get to pick from 4 different menu items: Classic Pita, Street Pitas (2), Pita Burger or Pita Melt.

The coupon is also good for one week and it’s sent one week before your birthday.

[Pita Burger with greek salad and rice pilaf]

I opted to try the pita burger since I had never had it before. I had to ask what the pita melt was since I didn’t even see it on the menu. It’s basically a chicken sandwich on pita bread with melted cheese on top. The pita burger sounded kind of good. The burger and my drink were comped with the birthday coupon (pita burger retails for $5.99) and I decided to make it a combo for an additional $2.29 and added two sides.

The greek salad is pretty typical, they haven’t changed that much. The rice pilaf was very bland – it used to have a lot more flavor but really lacked any kind of seasoning at all. The burger itself was just okay. It was cooked fine and the topping were okay. It was kind of a lot of feta cheese, maybe a bit too much. I like pita bread a lot but I don’t think it really makes for a great bun. It gets kind of squishy and doesn’t hold up very well after awhile. I also felt like the burger was kind of slippery and all of my topping kept falling out. Oops.

I also got a piece of baklava for $1.49. I couldn’t help it. It looked so tasty. It was pretty good.

From this angle/view you can see some of the updated, more modern looking decor in the restaurant. I dig this shot.

Sign up for their Pita Points club and get your own free birthday meal from Daphne’s.

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7 thoughts on “daphne’s california greek – free birthday food / mira mesa – san diego, ca

  1. That’s too bad that they changed the birthday meal. I always come here every year for my free entree and I usually get the kabob and gyro combo plate. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy birthday! Sounds like you have it all planned out to make sure it’s full of awesome! That’s too bad that they changed the birthday coupon and your pita burger didn’t hold up very well. Man, they really changed the interior of their restaurants! It looks really nice. I guess it’s been too long since I ate there!

  3. Happy (real) Birthday!!!!! 🙂

    I like that last shot – the interior looks so much better than before. Also like how you have more choices for the bday freebies as well!

    They got rid of the Daphne’s in Eastlake and replaced it with a new place, Luna Grill (some sort of kabob place which i will check out after it opens, etc)….

  4. Happy Birthday a day late! My birthday was in July, and I’m trying to remember if it was the same birthday coupon with the four items. We hadn’t been to the Mira Mesa Daphnes in a long time, so I was surprised to see the revamped menu and decor.

    I’ll have to sign up for more birthday offers based on your posts!

  5. Kimberly & Carol – Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    Hi Kirbie – Yeah, I was sad about them changing the birthday coupon but I wasn’t surprised. It seems like a bunch of the offers were changed around this year. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    Hi Alyssa – I love the look of Daphne’s now, but the food isn’t really all that great anymore. But, who am I to pass up a free meal? 🙂

    Hi CC – Thanks for the birthday greetings!

    Hi Sandy – Thank you and thanks for stopping by!

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