Good Mall Food? – Pacific Grill / El Cajon, CA

Usually when I think of mall food, I think of overpriced treats that are only marginally tasty. But I have discovered a place in Parkway Plaza in El Cajon that has really good gyros. No joke.

Pacific Grill - El Cajon, CA

The place is called “Pacific Grill”. It’s in the corner of the food court next to the parking lot. It’s pretty unassuming  at first glance. But after coming here a few time for gyro’s, I must say it’s quite a tasty place to visit, especially for a mall.

The gyros you get here are pretty big and packed full of tasty gyro meat. You get your choice of added in toppings: lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki sauce (my favorite!). The combo meal gets you some steak fries and a drink to go with your gyro for $6.95.

Pacific Grill - El Cajon, CA - Gyros Meal

I can tell you that I have never finished a meal here. It’s always too much food. You can easily share this meal with a friend and still be full afterward. Unless you have a monster appetite and a large stomach to fit all of this food into it. Bless you.

The gyro sandwich here tastes fresh and hot. The pita bread is served soft and warm. They’ll gladly give you extra sauce at no extra charge. It’s a well made gryo and you can tell they don’t skimp on their ingredients. They pack the gyro full of meat so get a lot of the juicy, flavorful meat in each bite.

Whenever my boyfriend and I are in the mood for gyros, this is the place we come to. Even though Parkway Plaza is kind of out of the way, we know we’re in for a good meal at a reasonable price.

Pacific Grill
inside Parkway Plaza’s Food Court
415 Parkway Plaza
El Cajon, CA 92020

3 thoughts on “Good Mall Food? – Pacific Grill / El Cajon, CA

  1. that is one of the worst places i have ever eaten at. the only thing you could taste was salt. and not only that but my chicken was also burned. i think that’s the real reason they add so much salt because their food is so bland.

  2. Hi Monica –
    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience there! I haven’t had the chicken, only the gyros, and they were not salty when I got them. I haven’t been in awhile though so I can’t say if it’s still good or not!

  3. Hi monica, I have been going to Pacific Grill for the past 6 months every thursday night and I get half chicken with rice and salad and its been the best chicken I have ever had and the service is great and maybe you need to go and try it again.

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