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isa.bella artisan pizzeria / clairemont – san diego, ca

I couldn’t decide where we should go for our anniversary. With our upcoming trip to Florida (we leave Sunday!!!), we’ve been trying to cut back a little on eating out to save money for the trip. I suggested that I should make dinner to which Jake replied, “You always make dinner. Why don’t I make it?” A day or so later he suggested we check out Isa.bella Pizzeria since a) I mentioned there was a LivingSocial deal for it, b) …

country waffles / clairemont – san diego, ca

Last Saturday when it was all crazy rainy and stuff, I had to take my car in for service for it’s very first (and hopefully only) recall. It was going to take hours and they wouldn’t give me a rental, so I had to blow off most of my Saturday for that. Luckily Jake was willing to come and pick me up and entertain me while my Shiny (yes, that’s what I call it – Firefly thing) was getting looked …

ramen yamadaya / clairemont – san diego, ca

Ramen! Who knew it was more than just that packaged crap that they sell for dirt cheap at the store? There’s actually like an art to it, and a good bowl of ramen (or anything) can make the world a finer place.
I went here with my co-workers first, and then I made Jake and our out-of-towner friend Chris go again just so I could have more ramen in my belly. Ramen Yamadaya is actually a Southern California chain from LA …

kitchen 4140 / clairemont – san diego, ca

Kitchen 4140 is a place I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. Luckily thanks to LivingSocial I finally got my butt in here to check it out. I got in just before the thing expired and treated Jake, T and I to dinner that evening. I made reservations in advance (recommended) so we got to have a pretty, pretty table outside.

Each table had a fresh bunch of flowers. Not a wimpy bunch of flowers either, but a full …

deli sa / clairemont – san diego, ca

I was doing my usual “find some interesting food for us to eat” search when looking for a new place to check out for lunch with my co-workers when I found Deli SA.
Deli SA serves up South African food – mostly in the form of meat pies for lunch. After a little circling around Clairemont to find just where we needed to go… and then driving to the back of the building… and then still wondering if we were going …

tropical star restaurant & specialty market / clairemont – san diego, ca

I’m always trying to find different and interesting places to dine and luckily my co-workers are willing to go with me to untested places for lunch. Tropical Star Restaurant & Specialty Market caught my eye because it offered an interesting number of Latin American foods. They feature Puerto Rican food but also have a little bit of “this and that” from other Latin cultures, creating an interesting mix of items available for feeding your belly.
Tropical Star is located in a …

ristorante kaz / clairemont – san diego, ca

I’ve read about Ristorante Kaz on a few blogs so far and finally felt the pressing need to visit. I made it over here on one of my weekly co-worker lunches to try out their prix fixe lunch.

You get to pick one item from under each heading. The first item is the standard or you can upgrade for an additional fee. For the pasta, there are 4 categories, each increasing in price as you go down the list.
And you get …

red moon noodle house: revisit for dad’s birthday / clairemont – san diego, ca

We’re out of order around here again, simply because I forgot to write about this one! For my dad’s birthday in the beginning of April, we took him to Red Moon Noodle House for lunch. I had another gift certificate from Utopia and I wanted to use it in conjunction with his birthday to treat him to a nice lunch out. My mom, dad, myself, Jake and T all drove over for lunch. Somehow we managed to find a spot …

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