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valley farm bbq / spring valley, ca
April 21st, 2014Mary, San Diego County, Spring ValleyMary Desjean 2 Comments

On a recent weekend Jake had the idea that we should head out to Valley Farm Market. Specifically he wanted to see if they had meat packages (like, a bunch of various cuts of meats for one price), though they did not. We visited the market once a long time ago without purchasing anything but we did take note that they sold BBQ inside the market…

 As well as at this little shack in the parking lot. This is where we …

tastea grill | bbq grill & sushi rolls / chula vista – san diego, ca
March 24th, 2014Cheap Eats, Chula Vista, Mary, San Diego CountyMary Desjean 6 Comments

Over the weekend Jake and I picked up the kiddies, S and A, for a quick afternoon of movies and lunch (hello, The Muppets – which was really awesome). There’s some kind of stomach bug going around since Jake was sick last week, so was his mom, and his other son, T and these two kiddos… man, did someone put something in our water?! Anyway… after the movie we headed over to this little place in Chula Vista called Tastea …

jeong won korean bbq buffet / kearny mesa – san diego, ca
January 20th, 2014Kearny Mesa, Mary, San Diego CountyMary Desjean 9 Comments

Jake had been wanting to try Korean BBQ for quite some time. The allure of “all you can eat” was a siren call to him and he knows I’m super reluctant to go to all you can eat places, but I had been wanting to try Korean BBQ as well. A few other bloggers suggested that I visit Jeong Won Korean BBQ buffet for our first AYCE try.
At Jeong Won, in the back of the restaurant is an area for …

bull’s smokin’ bbq / linda vista – san diego, ca
August 1st, 2013Linda Vista, Mary, San Diego CountyMary Desjean 4 Comments

My co-worker David told me about this place – Bull’s Smokin BBQ – and how they give bones out to the doggies. Dog friendly places are not too hard to fish out here in San Diego where outdoor dining is quite abundant, but it’s nice to see another place that also caters to the puppies!

In case you weren’t sure, there’s a big old sign in the front that tells you without a doubt that this joint is dog friendly!

There’s a …

lil’ piggy’s bar-b-q / coronado – san diego, ca
July 1st, 2013Coronado, Mary, San Diego CountyMary Desjean 8 Comments

Our visit to Coronado was an unplanned visit. We had originally tried to go to El Indio for some Mexican food and then ended up over at Ferry Landing in Coronado to try BBQ instead. I mean, really, why not? It was a nice day out when we pulled up to Lil’ Piggy’s Bar-B-Q.

When you walk in, there’s a counter with a register and a menu overhead, so we assumed it was a order up front place like all of …

[recipe] mary’s awesome rub + smoked pork butt
June 21st, 2013Mary, RecipesMary Desjean 8 Comments

This weekend Jake wanted me to try smoking again. You see, a few weeks ago I had a BBQ and invited a few friends over for dinner. I made smoked spare ribs for the first time ever and it turned out to be a success! Silly me was so busy with preparing stuff, setting things up and talking to guests that of course I didn’t take any pictures before all the food was gone.
Blogger fail.
Instead of ribs this time, I …

taegukgi korean bbq / kearny mesa – san diego, ca
June 19th, 2013Kearny Mesa, Mary, San Diego CountyMary Desjean 12 Comments

Let me admit right away that I don’t know a lot about Korean food. But that doesn’t deter me from trying new things. I picked Taegukgi Korean BBQ House as a lunch outing for my co-workers and I. Funny thing though, we didn’t get the all you can eat bbq! We just ordered off the lunch menu.
I saw this place next to the new Zion market on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. This used to be the Sears Auto Center and I could …

summer cooking
June 17th, 2013etc, MaryMary Desjean 5 Comments

Since I’m too tired to do a “real post”, you get a little peek instead of the things I cooked last week instead. Aren’t you lucky?
Now that it’s really getting to be summer, you can totally cook your whole dinner on the grill like I did. Grilled shrimp, grilled corn on the cob and grilled steak! The other bonus: I made garlic butter which I also used on all three (naughty). I used the leftovers from this meal to …

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