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lemon ginger shortbread cookies
December 15th, 2014Mary, Recipesmary 4 Comments

This year was my first year participating in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap! I don’t get to do a ton of cookie swaps but I sure do love giving away cookies. I was able to “practice” on a potential Christmas cookie this year. I really wanted to make a shaped cookie – but NOT do sugar cookies – and finally decided on doing some shortbread.

More specifically: Lemon Ginger Shortbread!

The cookies have a ground up pecans mixed into the flour …

sandwich party with oroweat bread
December 10th, 2014Mary, products, Recipesmary 2 Comments

Oroweat® approached me recently with an offer to try out their new organic bread and to host my own little sandwich making party. It was just after Thanksgiving when Jake, S, my dad and I got together in the kitchen to make a few panini’s for lunch using Thanksgiving leftovers. What else were we going to do with all of that leftover turkey?!

Oroweat has two new organic breads out: a 100% Whole Wheat bread along with a Grains and Seeds …

5 Minute Mug Cakes cookbook giveaway
December 8th, 2014Giveaways, Mary, Recipesmary 4 Comments

I’ve got another giveaway in store for you fine folks! Kirbie of Kirbie’s Cravings has graciously given me a copy of her new book, 5 Minutes Mug Cakes, to giveaway on the blog today! 5 Minute Mug Cakes is the perfect book for when you really crave a little something sweet but don’t want to either a) leave the house or b) bake a whole cake. Instead, in just a few minutes, you can mix a few ingredients into your favorite oversized mug, pop it into the microwave and PRESTO! Dessert. It’s a brilliant notion, really.

pumpkin pudding pie with pecan crust + nestfresh giveaway
December 1st, 2014Mary, Recipesmary 5 Comments

I should have posted this before Thanksgiving, but apparently I’m bad at planning ahead for the blog since I made this pie the night before Thanksgiving. Oh well.
I wanted something that was kind of “pumpkin pie lite” and I also wanted a nutty element. But I didn’t want to be super crazy and do like a “combination” pie. Instead what I came up with is a pecan pie-like crust on the bottom with a pumpkin pudding on top. You get …

[recipe] coconut, ube and mango overnight oats with noosa yogurt
November 21st, 2014Mary, Recipesmary 8 Comments

Noosa Yoghurt is currently my most favorite yogurt (yoghurt!) ever so I was pretty thrilled when they wanted to work with me to create a recipe using Noosa Yoghurt. They have all of these dreamy flavors and it was a little hard to decide just which ONE yogurt I wanted to focus on.

In the end I decided to use the Coconut Noosa Yoghurt and did a little twist on Overnight Oats using tropical Filipino flavors such as coconut, ube (purple …

[recipe] roasted butternut squash and chicken risotto
November 18th, 2014Mary, Recipesmary 6 Comments

I don’t know if you’ll be able to tell or not (I hope so) but I just learned a bunch of things about lightning and food styling at Food Fight Write last week and this is my first post where I’m trying out some of those new “tricks”. Luckily I had the perfect subject to work with as I had just received a complimentary box of yumminess from Melissa’s Produce. Melissa’s Produce challenged local bloggers to create something new with …

[recipe] pumpkin chocolate chip pecan bread
November 12th, 2014Mary, Recipesmary 2 Comments

Back in the day when Mira Mesa still had a Ralph’s instead of the mega H-Mart, I would pop into Ralph’s in the fall to pick up some of the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. They were like one of the bakery items that I always loved to get at Ralph’s and I never really tried to make it on my own. Since Ralph’s is no one near me now and I don’t think it’s worth it enough to drive to …

mini monster donuts + halloween
November 6th, 2014etc, Mary, Recipesmary 2 Comments

It’s November now and Halloween was pretty much wiped from the stores in early October so who cares about Halloween? 
I do!
I didn’t do anything really fancy for Halloween but I thought these things were cute enough to share. Bear with me. 
I saw these Mini Donut Spiders on Pinterest that just use store bought mini donuts and I thought, “HEY. That is super cute. I’m going to do that for the office work party.”

Image from It’s Always Autumn
I thought it would be …

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