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boston – day one
October 23rd, 2015Mary, Massachusetts, Travelmary 3 Comments

We left Rhode Island at a decent time in the morning. We hit up some grocery stores and then drove around a little before leaving to avoid some of the morning traffic in Boston. We skipped breakfast and just had a couple of snacks and made our way up to Boston. 

Our first stop was to grab some lunch near my alma mater and we stopped at a place called Mei Mei. Mei Mei originally started out as only a food …

rhode island – day two
October 14th, 2015Mary, Rhode Island, Travelmary 4 Comments

More East Coast goodness! On our second day in Rhode Island, we roamed around to check out what Rhode Island had to offer. Let’s begin!

We wanted to start the day off with a hearty breakfast and headed to a place called the Modern Diner.
The look of the diner should seem familiar as the design was inspired by streamlined trains. Roland Stickney designed the diners to be the same shape as the trains back in 1939. This particular diner was built in 1940. …

rhode island – day one

The day after Ashleigh and Steve’s wedding, Jake and I went to go hang out at my Aunt Joyce’s house for a bit. We weren’t really on a schedule, we just had to drive to Rhode Island that day. It’s lovely not having a schedule. After hanging out with Joyce and my Uncle Kevin, we headed out for a little brunch before our road trip down south. They took us to the place of their first date! It’s a place …

ice cream, a lake, seafood and a wedding | east coast trip
September 25th, 2015Mary, Massachusetts, Travelmary 8 Comments

Ice cream, a lake, seafood, and a wedding – not bad for our full first day in Massachusetts!
After breakfast at Cruisers Malt Shoppe, we dropped off my aunt and cousin back at the hotel and we went for a little drive around my dad’s hometown of Fitchburg, MA. Well, actually, first we went to Target because I realized it was chilly at night and doofus me didn’t bother to pack a sweater. New Goal: buy a sweater at Target. (Goal …

cruisers malt shoppe / gardner, ma
September 18th, 2015Mary, Massachusetts, Travelmary 2 Comments

On the morning of my cousin’s wedding, we all went out for breakfast to a local diner called Cruisers Malt Shoppe. 

Cruisers Malt Shoppe is a cute little diner in a corner spot in downtown Gardner, MA. The outside has some cool murals on it!

And inside Cruisers Malt Shoppe there’s a lot of neat, old decor. There’s a heavy focus on Coca-Cola related products plus lots of old records and car stuff. 

It feels very much like a 1950’s Americana diner in …

espresso pizza / fitchburg, ma
September 14th, 2015Mary, Massachusetts, Travelmary 2 Comments

I am back from the East Coast! Boy, it’s great to be home and to NOT have to break out the GPS to get anywhere. I’m going to kick off the week with a Massachusetts post from the very first place we visited after landing in Boston – a pizza joint in my dad’s hometown of Fitchburg, MA. Don’t worry, there will also be San Diego posts this week as well!
After a snafu at the car rental place in Boston …

sweets raku / las vegas, nv
August 21st, 2015Las Vegas, Mary, Travelmary 8 Comments

Last Vegas post! For now! 
Our last Vegas thing was to go to this dessert restaurant called Sweets Raku that wasn’t too far from China Mama. It’s in another tiny strip mall with a very small parking lot (bleah). We ended up parking across the street in another lot. Sweets Raku is a sister restaurant to Raku, a sushi restaurant in the same area. I thought it was next door, but it was in another part of the strip mall. Sweets …

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