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college area taste 2014 recap
April 22nd, 2014College, Mary, San Diego CountyMary Desjean 8 Comments

I meant to post this last week but the week kind of got away from me! Here’s my recap of the College Area Taste!
Jake and I left a little early so we could get there before the event started to pick up our tickets at will call. While getting our tickets, Lynn and Dennis of Oh-So Yummy arrived at the same time. She was the winner of my giveaway and the four of us ended up going around the whole …

taste of downtown 2013 event recap
October 14th, 2013Downtown, Mary, San Diego CountyMary Desjean 8 Comments

I was invited to attend the Taste of Downtown by McFarlane Promos and I happily accepted. I meant to go the last two years (!!) but something came up both times and I wasn’t able to make it. Stacey was my cohort for the evening and we planned on tackling this event the simple way: just go down 5th and swing around to 6th until we hit 14 spots.
Why 14? Stacey insisted we should do one more than the last …

[event] big bite bacon fest recap
June 26th, 2013etc, MaryMary Desjean 16 Comments

Warning: many, many photos ahead! Many including the holy grail of foods: BACON.
You’ve been warned.

Here’s a non-food photo to warm you up to the onslaught.
Jake and I got to the fair in the mid-afternoon, a little while before the Bacon Fest started. I had skipped lunch and was seriously thinking about getting something else from the fair to tide me over until the fest started. Luckily, I wisely decided to just wait. So… no fair foods this year!

We waited with …

coast of pacific beach restaurant walk 2013 – san diego, ca
June 12th, 2013Mary, Pacific Beach, San Diego CountyMary Desjean 4 Comments

Last month I was invited to go to the Coast of Pacific Beach Restaurant Walk. Since it was held in mid-May, of course the clouds rolled in early and made for a gray evening. But no matter – Laura and I still did our fare share of walking and visited 13 of the 28 restaurants on the list. Not bad!

[honey goat cheese crostini at moray's in the catamaran hotel]
We started at the end of the list and worked our way …

blogiversary week + giveaway to big bite bacon fest
May 20th, 2013etc, MaryMary Desjean 33 Comments

This week marks This Tasty Life’s 7th Blogiversary and I can hardly believe I’ve been blogging for that long! In honor of the blogiversary, I’ll be holding five different giveaways this week. Please stay tuned each day for a new giveaway!
I’m kicking off the week with a giveaway that involves the joy of BACON.
My love of bacon is pretty strong, considering the fact that recently I went on a Bacon Crawl and managed to not OD on bacon or get …

[event] VinDiego – San Diego Wine & Food Festival – April 6th at Broadway Pier Downtown
March 20th, 2013Downtown, Mary, San Diego CountyMary Desjean 0 Comments

Food. Wine. Pretty views. What more could you ask for on a spring evening in San Diego? Enter VinDiego… a new wine and food festival! Read on below to learn more about this fun new festival coming to San Diego this April:
VinDiego, the San Diego Wine & Food Festival, is coming to the Broadway Pier in downtown San Diego this April. This new festival will feature award-winning wines, gourmet food from San Diego’s most notable restaurants, classes with vintners and …

taste n’ tinis in hillcrest – giveaway for tickets
December 3rd, 2012Hillcrest, Mary, San Diego CountyMary Desjean 11 Comments

Next week on December 13th, Hillcrest will be celebrating it’s 4th Annual “Taste N’ Tinis” event. Think of “Taste of Hillcrest” – but with boozy martinis and retail shopping swirled into the mix!

I finally attended one of the Taste of Hillcrest events this year and it was so much fun trying all of the different samples – so I’m looking forward to this holiday event with the additional boozy cheer in tow. There will be a number of “tastes” available …

civil war in huntington beach + johnny reb’s bbq in orange, ca
September 24th, 2012Mary, Orange, Orange County, Road TripsMary Desjean 2 Comments

It’s no longer a secret that I like Civil War stuff.
Well, it was never really a secret to begin with. But it’s kind of one of those things I’m shy to share about myself – seems like kind of a nerdy, geeky thing to like. I’m a nerdy, geeky kind of girl though. History is neat.

[signs to camps]
The Civil War Reenactment in Huntington Beach, CA is a very impressive event to attend. There’s two separate camps, a small town called …

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