greek palace / clairemont – san diego, ca

For dinner one night with my friend I decided to peruse my coupon book. It hasn’t gotten a lot of love this year, restaurant wise. I’ve just used all of the movie coupons and that has pretty much paid for the book. But sometimes I think, “I should use the other coupons in here and try something new”. And here are the results of that little experiment.

I was feeling like Greek food that night so my friend and I picked a place not too far away over in Clairemont – the Greek Palace. We arrived a little after 5P in the middle of the week and the place was totally quiet. We were the only customers in the place at that hour, though a few people had come in by the time we had left.

The restaurant seating area is to the direct left of the door and in the other part of the restaurant you can spot a large stage with tons of chairs in front of it, waiting for an audience. The Comedy Palace has comedy shows here, if you are interested in such a thing. But I was here for the food.

My friend and I were feeling hungry and wanted to try out a little appetizer before our meal and we went with the spanakopita ($6.00) – a spinach and cheese pie in filo dough. We got four pieces with tzatziki sauce. The spanakopita I thought was just okay. Nothing wowing about it. It wasn’t as crisp as I thought it should be, it was a bit chewy and ehhh. I haven’t had this a ton of times, so I can’t really compare it to others I’ve had, but again, it was just okay.

Spanakopita from the Greek Palace

I also ordered a gyro sandwich ($5.75). I adore gyro sandwiches. I find them to be delicious and tasty when made correctly and stuffed with meat and extra tzatziki sauce. They put the tzatziki sauce on the side which is helpful so I could properly slather my sandwich with sauce. The sandwich was good – but it doesn’t come with any sides. You can order a salad or sandwich to go along with it though, but which then screws you on the coupon since it’s “extra”. But oh well.

Gyro from Greek Palace

So, to sum up: food is okay. Nothing I would crave for that I couldn’t get somewhere else though.

Greek Palace
8878 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., Suite A
San Diego, CA
(858) 573-0155

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