February, 2014

the best red velvet cupcakes in san diego (redux)
February 5th, 2014Mary, San Diego Countymary 12 Comments

About three years ago, Heather, Laura and I had a red velvet cupcake tasting where we sampled 8 different cupcakes between the three of us. Pretty impressive actually, though we probably each had like one or two bites per cupcake. Recently I found out that our winner from that tasting (Influx Cafe) no longer makes red velvet cupcakes and therefore my past post was no longer valid! Nooooo! I could not let that stand and quickly formulated a plan to …

birthday goodies! [free birthday stuff, part one]

I’m going to do the free birthday stuff over a few posts this time to break it all instead of hitting you with it all at once. Cool? Cool.
Today’s focus will be on the “fast food/take out” version of the freebies.

[salsa verde shrimp tacos combo / $7.99]
Rubio’s is one of the birthday meals that I have done consistently over the last few years. Not much has changed in the terms of what you get, which is a free meal worth …

yummy cupcake winners
August 25th, 2013Marymary 0 Comments

Thank you to everyone for entering my Yummy Cupcakes contest! The 7 winners are (determined by a sequence from random.org):
#1 – Leanne
#7 – Anne N.
#13 – Molly
#9 – BrianB
#19 – Ellen
#5 – Carla Pullum
#18 – Lynn
I will be contacting the winners. Thanks again for entering!

yummy cupcakes + a cupcake giveaway / encinitas – san diego, ca

If you know me at all, you know I love cupcakes. When I was invited to come and check out a new cupcake shop in town, I was totally on board even if I had to drive allllll the way up to Encintas to get my hands on the cupcakes! The newest shop in town is called Yummy Cupcakes, the first one to open up shop in San Diego (though they have two other locations in Los Angeles and two …

[event] bake sale tomorrow!
May 3rd, 2013etc, Marymary 0 Comments

I’ve been too busy baking to do a proper post. Please stop by and visit us in Pacific Beach tomorrow for the San Diego Food Blogger Bake Sale!

My menu for tomorrow:

Hope to see you there!

sushi cupcakes
April 25th, 2013cake decorating, Marymary 4 Comments

Quick post! To share cupcakes.
My supervisor, David, had a birthday the same week that Jake and I celebrated our anniversary. So I just made extra cupcakes that week so I could make these sushi cupcakes for David’s birthday!

The bottom cupcake is the same as the Stormtrooper cupcakes – vanilla bean with vanilla frosting.

The “sushi” is made with mini cupcakes from the same batter. They are wrapped with a slice of grape fruit roll-up for the “seaweed”. The “rice” is shredded …

star wars stormtrooper anniversary cupcakes
April 17th, 2013cake decorating, Marymary 7 Comments

It’s late and I’m tired, so this post is going to be kind of half assed. Oh well. I hope you forgive me.
Jake and I celebrated our 6th anniversary this week! It’s crazy to think how fast time flies by… hoo boy. I still remember our first date though! It lasted 12 hours (yes, 12!) and we ate lunch, went to the beach, watched a movie and that was just the beginning of six years of friendship and love.
In honor …

birthday cupcakes from elizabethan desserts / encintas – san diego, ca

I got it into my head this year that I wanted my dad to have cupcakes for his birthday. Well, actually, I thought I should get him a Boston Creme Pie and I didn’t think about it ahead of time so I scouted around looking for places that made Boston Creme Pies when I stumbled upon Elizabethan Desserts.
It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Elizabethan Desserts, but I do remember really liking their cupcakes. I saw on their …

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