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Hello and Happy Friday! During Chicken Wing Week last month we tried to go to Common Theory. On a Friday night. I guess I forgot we live in a big metropolitan city because the wait time was over 45 minutes and I wasn’t willing to wait. Instead I dragged Jake and T over to Blush Desserts for a few desserts (for later, of course – we ended up just going to In-N-Out for dinner – mustard grilled burgers, awwww yeah).

I’ve popped in here a few times but haven’t really taken photos or anything since I’m just now getting around to posting about it! Blush Desserts has tons of pretty macarons to choose from, plus cupcakes, cakes, bars, macaron ice cream sandwiches as well as coffees and teas. 


There are quite a few little tables and chairs set up so you can enjoy your treats in store and there’s quite the flower motif going on in the shop. On the other side of the shop is a big mosaic filled with those DIY paper pom-poms. Why didn’t I take a photo of that? There were a bunch of people lingering in front of the dessert case and I didn’t want to look like a weirdo taking a photo of the wall. Hah. 


Here’s a few of the macaron offerings for that day: sweet tea, lavender, rice krispies treat, strawberry cheesecake, and a few others I don’t remember (probably 3-4 more). On subsequent visits they had mostly different macaron offerings, except for the really popular items, so they are always rotating the flavors around. I love the brush strokes on top of the macarons, it makes them so pretty and colorful. 


A peek at a few of their cupcakes: “blush” velvet, banana cream (not sure what that one on the far left is)…


Hanging out in the back is a Twix cupcake, tres leches and you can also spy the French Opera cake and the Ferrero Rocher cupcakes. There were also pistachio cupcakes, though you can’t see them here.


They had samples of the Cookie Butter Bar out and oh my goodness was it so delicious! It had a cookie bottom with a cookie butter center topped with chocolate. I almost bought one but then decided we didn’t really NEED that much dessert. Oh, but I wanted to get it. 


They also have ice cream macarons! What!


These are the cookie shells available for the macarons. You can see how much bigger they are then the smaller cookie counterparts in the back. There’s a ton of flavors, too! Chocolate, cookie butter, blush velvet…


green tea, strawberry, honey dew melon, fruity pebbles… (see the pistachio cupcake down below!)


as well as churro, birthday day and cookies and cream! I would bet the large macaron cookie flavors rotate as well. We didn’t try one of these since we hadn’t had dinner yet and I didn’t want to have ice cream first. But I know I want to come back and try one, especially after seeing what the ice cream macaron looks like on Instagram:

Whoa. Want.


I actually only got three things for us to share on this visit. The first item was the Strawberry Cheesecake macaron. The nice lady at the counter told me this was one of their most popular macarons and I could see why! The shell was so pretty and bright and it truly tasted like strawberry from the very first bite. And it tasted like REAL strawberry, not artificial fake-o wannabe strawberry and that was very exciting to me. The shell had a nice little bit of crack/crunch on the outside and then it was soft and chewy and even pretty moist. The filling was a wonderful light cream cheese filling with graham cracker on the outside. I really liked it! I ended up going back the next week and getting another one of these (and it was just as good as the first one).

I’ve also tried the Durian (which I didn’t like at all, the durian smell was too much for me) and I got a churro flavored macaron (which someone in my house ate and I never got to try it) and I know there’s a few others but I can’t remember the rest! I think the macarons are around the $2 mark.


Jake naturally wanted to try the “blush” velvet cupcake. Nope, he still isn’t sick of them, even after our Red Velvet cupcake adventure last year. We both thought the cake was nice and light – and also very moist. The cream cheese frosting was light and just sweet enough. It was a very good red velvet, er, blush velvet cupcake. 

The other cupcake is Ferrero Rocher + Nutella! That candy on top just beckoned to me because I really like Ferrero Rocher (though I hardly ever eat it, I still love it because of the hazelnuts). This is a cupcake perfect for any chocolate + hazelnut lover as it will immediately make you go “mmm”. The chocolate cupcake is chock full of rich chocolate flavor and there’s a bit of nutella on the inside as the filling. The crunchy candy provides a bit of texture making it a heavenly little dessert. I pretty much hoarded this one for myself. Jake wouldn’t have liked it anyway (though I did save some for T, who also enjoyed it, despite being sick).

Link love!
Kirbie visited Blush Desserts early last year. While CC of Pink Candles at Ridgemont High has been to Blush Desserts quite a few times (I didn’t even link to ALL of them – hah).

Also – I noticed today on their website they will give you a FREE cupcake for your birthday! There aren’t any other details though. But that’s exciting! I hope the offer stands for awhile! 

Blush Desserts
4817 Convoy Street
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 505-9498

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  1. It looks like they offer so much more now and that they prettified the macarons too (love the brushstrokes)…Haven’t been here in awhile, but now I have more reasons to come back (mac ice cream sandwich!)….

    1. Yes! I was looking at your old posts about them and their bakery case was barely full. It looks like they’ve expanded to do a lot more desserts now – lots more treats! I really want to go back to try the mac ice cream sandwich, the ones I saw on Instagram looked so good.

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