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When my cousin was here visiting for a short weekend, she requested that we get cupcakes. I can accommodate that request! She went to LA winter and visited Sprinkles and well, I wasn’t going to take her to Sprinkles anyway when there are so many local shops to visit in San Diego. I decided on trying out Pure Cupcakes in Pacific Beach since I remember it was a highly rated cupcake from our Red Velvet Cupcake crawl (Faye, don’t cringe, okay).


It was later in the day so they didn’t have a ton of cupcakes left. Booooo. They didn’t have a lot of the more fun looking flavors that I had seen on their website. We ended up getting a few to share.


That’s all that was left!


[pure’fetti cupcake / $2.75]

My cousin requested the Funfetti cupcake – a vanilla bean cupcake with confetti candy and a vanilla buttercream frosting (and more sprinkles). Jake, S and my cousin all said this was their favorite (I know, I had to be the odd girl out on this one). It was moist, and the buttercream was perfect – light, creamy, sweet but not tooth-achingly sweet. It had a nice crumb, too.


[tiramisu cupcake / $3.25 (specialty price)]

My requested cupcake was the Tiramisu – an espresso soaked vanilla cake and a mascarpone frosting  and dusted with dark cocoa and chocolate shavings. This ended up being my favorite one! I really liked the flavor of the espresso/coffee that was in with the vanilla cake and I liked the sweet, creamy, slightly tangy mascarpone frosting on top. I liked that this was a vanilla cake, too! I was expecting it to be chocolate for some reason.


[red velvet / $2.75]

Jake’s request? Red velvet. Like it would be anything else. It tasted pretty good, similar to when we had it before. I like how they dust one edge of it with red velvet cake crumbles.


[chocolate cupcake and peanut butter cupcake / $2.75 (not sure on the mini price!)]

S. picked out a regular chocolate cupcake and the tiny one is a Peanut Butter one (I didn’t see the name of this one on the menu though, I think we got the last one). The chocolate one was a super rich, very chocolatey cake. I knew from ONE bite that Jake would not like it – it was a cupcake for true chocolate fans! It was almost too sweet for me and we ended up letting S. devour most of it.

I don’t really remember the what the mini one was like, honestly. I guess that means I’ll have to go back and do more research…

They serve their cupcakes on bamboo plates which I think are so cool.

Overall I do really like their cupcakes – they’re not too sweet, they are moist and they have great frostings. I really hope I can swing by here and catch them when they have more of their fun sounding flavors in the shop! Too bad they don’t have a cupcake calendar so you know what they’re making on what day!

Pure Cupcakes
1772-A Garnet Ave.
San Diego, CA 92109

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  1. Ooh these look yummy! The chocolate cupcake looked so pretty with the pearl sugar. The tiramisu sounds so good – I’ll definitely have to try that 🙂

  2. The chocolate cupcake looks the best. I’m not a fan of frosting but it looks mousse-y to me on that one. I wonder why your cousin requested cupcakes for her visit (it wasn’t b/c of the Sprinkles in LA was it) ? I wonder if her city doesn’t have as many cupcake places as SoCal? Most ppl who visit SD usually asks for Mexican food. So I wonder if SoCal is becoming a cupcake destination for visitors (they should have your Red Velvet Crawl on the SD tourism site – seriously).

    1. She requested cupcakes because she really likes cupcakes haha. She lives in a little town in New Hampshire so I don’t think they have as many bakeries! She asked for Mexican food, too. I think Jake and I should do travel tours for out of towners!

  3. TC and I went here shortly after the epic RV cupcake taste off…nice ladies here but the flavors offered (or left) that day were not the more exotic ones. They have a lot more interesting flavors on their website but they rotate their flavors or something.

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