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best pizza and brew / mira mesa – san diego, ca

Best Pizza and Brew is a new restaurant that opened in Mira Mesa just a few weeks ago and it’s a nice change of pace from the many, many Asian restaurants that litter the neighborhood. The new pizza joint is a “spin-off” restaurant from the folks of Pizza Nova and offers baked items, salads, subs, pizzas and craft beers on tap.
I actually first saw that Best Pizza and Brew was open while I was on the way to Urgent Care …

gourmet spotting tasting box
March 6th, 2013etc, Mary, productsmary 2 Comments

Gourmet Spotting is a monthly subscription service that’s great for you or your favorite food fiend. Gourmet goodies are delivered to you once a month, packed with interesting and delicious foods from all over the world. It’s a great way to experience new products and foods without ever leaving your house.

When you get your box and open it up, there will be a little sheet that tells you all about every product that you get. This is a great little …

yay cookies!
March 4th, 2013Mary, Recipesmary 10 Comments

This time last week, I was home sick. Like, really really sick. Like, I spent five and a half hours in urgent care sick. Come to think of it, I’ve been ill on and off since last December with a cough that just won’t quit. And recently, just went I thought I was getting better, the cough came back on full force to turn around and bite me right in the ass.
I thought the flu had finally come up and …

wynola pizza & bistro / julian, ca
February 27th, 2013Julian, Mary, San Diego Countymary 5 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, Jake and I were on a quest to find some snow for his youngest son who really, really, really wanted to play in the snow and make snow angels. This was that weekend we had the warmer Santa Ana-like weather. Our hopes weren’t very high, but we did manage to find a few patches here and there… but sadly, not enough to make snow angels.

Just barely enough snow to toss a couple of snowballs at …

bridges bar | grill | bay / college – san diego, ca
February 25th, 2013College, Mary, Rolando, San Diego Countymary 2 Comments

Bridges Bar | Grill | Bay is a new bar/restaurant that opened near the College Area. It’s a “San Francisco” themed bar, though I don’t really remember anything particularly “San Francisco” about it. Though, I could have just been oblivious since it was so loud in here that I didn’t feel like lingering.
I managed to pick up a deal for Bridges on LivingSocial. Jake was my date one Friday evening and we ventured over for dinner.
The place was packed and …

red moon noodle house / clairemont – san diego, ca
February 22nd, 2013Clairemont, Mary, San Diego Countymary 6 Comments

Red Moon Noodle House has been around since last year. A few bloggers have made the rounds here, but it wasn’t until I saw on Convoy Conquest that there was a “secret” menu item that I felt a strong urge to visit.
Red Moon Noodle House started having lunch hours during weekdays in mid-January so this place got tossed into the Friday lunch rotation with my co-workers. Little did I know just how terrible parking would be – the lot that …

caramel stuffed red velvet cookies
February 20th, 2013Mary, Recipesmary 4 Comments

I wanted to make Jake something unique and special for Valentine’s Day last week. Red Velvet Cupcakes are his favorite dessert so I wanted to do a little twist to that, and turn them into cookies instead. I got the idea to stuff them with caramel because last year for his birthday, I forgot to put the caramel sauce in the middle of his giant caramel cupcake… and he did not let me forget it. Caramel stuffed cookies just sounded …

las cuatro milpas / barrio logan – san diego, ca

Jake and I have heard about Las Cuatro Milpas for years. We’ve attempted to go a few times, feeling quickly daunted when we saw the very long line snaking out the door. One time we drive by when it was raining, in the dim hope that perhaps everyone decided to stay home and dodge the rain… but no such luck. A couple of weekends ago Jake and I woke up on Saturday morning a little before 9am. He  looked at …

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