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birthday goodies! [free birthday stuff, part one]

I’m going to do the free birthday stuff over a few posts this time to break it all instead of hitting you with it all at once. Cool? Cool.
Today’s focus will be on the “fast food/take out” version of the freebies.

[salsa verde shrimp tacos combo / $7.99]
Rubio’s is one of the birthday meals that I have done consistently over the last few years. Not much has changed in the terms of what you get, which is a free meal worth …

godiva chocolates [free birthday treats]

Today is my birthday.

I was going to do a regular post but then it seemed silly to not acknowledge my own birthday on my own blog. So here I am, acknowledging it.
I was a little freaked out a few years ago when I passed the thirty mark, but now I’m pretty much over it. Life is good. I’m in a good place, I have an awesome family, great friends and co-workers, and a really stellar guy in my life. Things …

lazy dog restaurant and bar / mission valley – san diego, ca

Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar opened up in Mission Valley over the summer. It is a part of a Southern California chain and this is the first location to open in San Diego. I was recently invited to come in and check it out for myself. Jake and Maya both got to come with me and we were able to check out the dog-friendly patio at this huge location!

[chicken wings]
We started the night off with some chicken wings in a …

pumpkin patches and jack o’ lanterns
October 21st, 2013etc, Marymary 4 Comments

I haven’t made a jack o’ lantern in ages and I really wanted to make one this weekend. Jake and I took his younger son, S., over to the pumpkin patch in Mira Mesa to pick out a pumpkin and let him do a few of the fun things there.

[pumpkin patch]
We were in for quite a surprise when we saw the actual prices on the pumpkins…
We cheated a little bit and let S. go on the big slide (which he …

not a real post
October 18th, 2013etc, Marymary 7 Comments

This isn’t a real post. I know it looks like a real post, but it isn’t.

I intended to do another full post for today, but now I’m tired and it’s late and I don’t want to.
Instead, I leave you with this shot of San Diego from above Shelter Island.
We sure do live in a pretty city, don’t we? I sometimes forget how beautiful it is sometimes.
Jake and I are planning on doing some pumpkin carving this weekend! I’ll share our …

fat sal’s deli / pacific beach – san diego, ca

Jake and I visited Fat Sal’s when they first opened. Jake is a huge fan of Entourage and he was pretty excited to see a venture where one of the co-owners (Jerry Ferrara) was from that show. Honestly though, that first visit we had was not too impressive: semi-cold sandwiches (which were supposed to be hot), smooshed sandwiches and funky flavors kind of made us wonder about the place. Then I went to the Pacific Beach Restaurant Walk and had …

creamy new york style cheesecake with coconut flavored crust – like cheesecake factory!
October 16th, 2013Mary, Recipesmary 4 Comments

I’ve made cheesecake quite a few times… but it has never been as super creamy as the ones at the Cheesecake Factory which has always driven me a little nuts. I adore super creamy cheesecake and I was determined to try and make something just like theirs – but homemade. I scoured around on the internet and found a few resources to help me achieve the glorious smooth and creamy texture I was seeking. The instructions I found totally nailed …

san diego cheese crawl

To follow the Bacon Crawl I organized earlier this year, I took my co-workers on a little Cheese Crawl of San Diego! We originally intended to go to four places but we all cried uncle after three, and considering we ate way right off the bat it’s not really that surprising we called uncle so early.
The cohorts for this crawl were: myself, Jake, A. (Jake’s daughter), Lauren, David, Allison and Matt.
Our first stop was at Urban Solace:

[cheese biscuits – $5.75 …

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