I had a hankering for some Korean BBQ recently and decided it was finally time to go and check out Manna BBQ in Mira Mesa. Manna BBQ took over the old Pizza Hut restaurant in Mira Mesa, across the street from the Target. Pizza Hut moved into a smaller location in the adjacent lot so you don’t have to mourn their loss (heh heh).


We went to Manna BBQ on a Saturday evening and only had to wait a few minutes for a table. I’ve never had a desire to go to the location on Convoy because of the lack of parking and the long lines I’ve seen snake around the building. I’ll take my easier parking and shorter wait in Mira Mesa, thank you.


The placemats at Manna BBQ include the two popular options (A1 and A2). This way you don’t have to keep a menu to know what kind of meats to order next!


We went with the A2 option. A1 has additional seafood options and higher quality beef options. Jake and T don’t eat much seafood so it made more sense to just go with the cheaper option for $21.99 each. Though I wish I could have added like, a side order of shrimp or something (oh well).


Clean grill!


Our freebies arrived before we ordered any meat. I tried the salad which had a super spicy dressing on it! Too bad they don’t warn you about that or have an option for a non-spicy dressing. We all ate the broccoli. That was probably the only green thing the boys tried.


I took these two items for myself. Korean potato salad is one of my favorites! I love how they always put various vegetables into the sweet tasting potato salad. This time it had bits of carrots and green peas in it. Luckily I couldn’t taste those peas. The potato salad was the only item I got a refill of. The pancake thing on the left was decent enough, but I preferred digging my claws into that luscious potato salad. 

They’ve only got one kind of sauce which tasted pretty good. They also give you seasoning for your meat, which I liked!


Damn, I wish I had taken notes. I know that first order we got beef rib finger meat, pork belly, bulgogi, and I think boneless short ribs. 


I believe that’s the beef rib finger meat in the front with the bulgogi in the back. Both of these were delicious – I especially liked the finger meat.


Pork belly! And other things! 


Next order involved crazy spicy pork belly with Korean pepper paste, beef brisket (the rolled up thin pieces). I wish I could tell you what those other two are, but I don’t remember. 


This is the freakin’ spicy pork cooking and the brisket. The brisket was okay here, it was tasty enough once you dipped it in the sauce. The spicy pork belly was way too spicy for my weak little taste buds. 


Cooked spicy pork belly. God, it’s so ORANGE because of that spicy pepper paste! T and I pretty much let Jake eat that one. 


Hey look. It’s more meat! Aren’t I helpful? This looks like it’s all beef. Beefy beef. Mooo.


I believe these are both pork. God, I’m a horrible blogger today. 


Jake decided he also wanted to try the spicy chicken which was also very, very orange. He tried some and told me, “Yeah… you won’t like it.” I believed him and didn’t take a bite, though I was totally stuffed anyway. I preferred the beef items here – particularly the finger meat and the bulgogi – over the pork ones. The pork wasn’t really doing it for me that day, even dipped in the sauce we received. 

We also had the option to get a steamed egg, but the thought of eating egg that day totally turned me off. I’m in a non-egg phase again, I guess. 

The service here is really spot on. A jug of water was left for us and replaced halfway through the meal without being asked. People swung by to check on us frequently and ask if we wanted to order any more meat before we could even ask. The only time we had to ring for service was to tell them we were ready for a grill change (they had already asked, we just had to finish cooking an item) and they came by within a minute of us pressing the buzzer/doorbell looking button. 

While the meats were good here and the service was terrific, Jake and I still feel the best place we’ve gone for Korean BBQ so far has been Jeong Won. We like the options there (plus the variety of sauces) better though Manna BBQ was good. Perhaps it’s time for us to revisit Jeong Won?

Manna BBQ
8150 Mira Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92126
(858) 578-0300

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12 thoughts on “manna bbq

  1. Gosh, now I have a hankering for Korean BBQ, too (what am I talking about, I always want Korean BBQ haha). I’m so happy that Manna opened up a location in Mira Mesa – it’s way less crowded and I actually feel that there’s less of the “barbecue” smell that clings to every inch of me after eating (compared with the Convoy location).

    1. Hi Jinxi! Oh yeah, this location was much less smoky. That Roadem BBQ place we’ve been to a few times it always super smoky inside, you almost need a mask. I hardly saw any smoke lingering around here. That’s a good point! What’s your current favorite place for Korean BBQ?

  2. I’ve only been to the CV location (in the Ralphs Shopping center) and liked it. We didn’t get the seafood option. We liked the meats especially the rib meat and the brisket. I passed on the steamed egg thing too.
    The texture and look of it just grosses me out. They also had good service at the Manna near my house.

    1. Oh yeah, I remember when the CV location opened! They have plenty of parking there, too, a very important aspect haha. The steamed egg things don’t thrill me. Mostly I like to watch them steam and kind of bubble in their container, but I don’t actually want to eat it… ugh.

      1. I love the CV location! Typically there’s no wait, and the food is pretty comparable to the Convoy location.

        I agree the texture of the egg is a bit odd, but it’s actually tastes pretty good. 🙂 Have you ever tried their “rice paper”?

    1. I think I wasn’t sure if I could muster it enough to make it worth going to an AYCE place. But once that Korean BBQ craving hits, it’s so hard to deny it haha. Plus we’ve been staying at Jake’s a lot and we were at my place that weekend which made it an easier decision. You took better notes than I did, but also, I forgot what we we ordered and they just kind of placed it on our table and left. Ahhhhh that long rolled pork thing was pork galbi – good to know! Thanks Lynn!

  3. I don’t know why they don’t automatically give it to you, but if you ask you can get sesame oil poured over the salt in the sauce dish. THAT is the best dipping sauce EVER. Perfect for the brisket. The rice paper sheets for wrapping are also the best. Mmm.

    Have you been to the AYCE BBQ by Zion? It’s our go to because it always has tables open. And you can get a free Otter pop from the stand outside.

    I’m totally going to be craving Korean BBQ now.

    1. Um… that sounds totally amazing. Is there some “Manna Secret Menu Tips” post you can write for me? 🙂 I went to that one by Zion once, but I only ordered off the lunch menu (sad). I’ll have to go try the BBQ there some time!

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