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Recently I was invited to attend an anniversary dinner for World Curry in Pacific Beach. World Curry has been around for 20 years (!) serving all kinds of different curries from around the globe (very appropriate restaurant name, don’t you think?). I took Stacey as my date and we saw a few familiar faces at the event such as Lynn from oh-so yummy, Faye from Faye’s Fork, and J.S. from Sun Diego Eats

World Curry | Pacific Beach - San Diego, CA

World Curry | Pacific Beach - San Diego, CA

World Curry | Pacific Beach - San Diego, CA

The restaurant was closed down for this special little party that had beer and wine available for us while we waited for the eating portion to commence. The restaurant was super cute inside with various little touches that gave it a homey and comfortable feeling. We also got to meet and chat with the owners, Bruce and Momo, who were very welcoming and friendly. 

Anniversary Menu - World Curry | Pacific Beach - San Diego, CA

Here’s a look at the Anniversary Menu that we sampled that evening. 

Appetizer Plate - World Curry | Pacific Beach - San Diego, CA

This huge appetizer plate came out and was shared by myself, Stacey, and Carolyn, another blogger we met that evening. On the far left is some freshly made naan bread (I could have just munched on this – so warm and tasty). Next to the naan are some tikka tacos.

To the right of that the little egg roll looking things are Phall Poppers filled with super spicy chicken curry. I ate maybe… oh… half of one and that was enough for me. Stacey loved them (spicy girl that she is) while Carolyn wouldn’t touch them since she didn’t like anything spicy. I braved it. It wasn’t too bad at first but the spiciness really started to creep up on you. I don’t think I could finish a whole one!

The last item is Vegetable Pakora. The pakora are various veggie pieces (carrot, broccoli, califlower, etc.) tossed in chickpea batter and deep fried. These reminded me very much of tempura with a slightly sweeter batter. I really liked it!

Tikka Taco - World Curry | Pacific Beach - San Diego, CA

Here’s a little close up of that tikka taco. The tikka tacos are filled with tandoori marinated chicken in a roti wrap, coriander chutney, cucumber yogurt and topped with green leaf and cabbage. The roti wrap was kind of my favorite part… I love bready things, you know. 

Sauces - World Curry | Pacific Beach - San Diego, CA

We were given a slew of homemade sauces for our appetizers. In the front is a sweet mango chutney, followed by the flavorful coriander chutney, a really yummy yogurt sauce that helped to cool down any spicy dishes and then something that looked super spicy that I did not touch. I have my limits, you know. 

Curries with Rice Pyramid - World Curry | Pacific Beach - San Diego, CA

Curries - World Curry | Pacific Beach - San Diego, CA

For the main entree, we received this incredibly beautiful pyramid of rice with moats of curry surrounding it. The two curries are Thai green curry with chicken and vegetables and the brown sauce is a tikka masala with chicken.  

I tried the tikka masala first since I was somewhat familiar with that one. It was a robust tasting curry and I could feel little bits of food since the sauce wasn’t completely smooth. I really liked it until I started eating the sweet coconutty green curry and then I kind of ignored the tikka masala for the rest of the night… (sorry, tikka masala). I really loved the smooth, slightly sweet, green curry and how the veggies and chicken were bathed in its sauce. It was the real winner for me that evening! 

Banana Fritter with Coconut ice cream - World Curry | Pacific Beach - San Diego, CA

Banana Fritter - World Curry | Pacific Beach - San Diego, CA

Obviously you can’t leave without dessert and we were treated to a wonderful dessert of banana fritters and coconut ice cream! The banana fritters reminded me a bit of turon, a Filipino dessert that is very similar. The bananas are soft inside and there is a drizzle of caramel sauce and a dust of powdered sugar. These were freshly made and quite hot which made them taste better with the cool, refreshing, creamy coconut ice cream. The coconut ice cream had coconut on top which gave it a little extra texture that I really liked. 

If you’re sad you didn’t get to try this menu for yourself – FEAR NOT. World Curry is offering this special 20th Anniversary menu from now until August 30th (from 4PM – 8PM)! Get this WHOLE MEAL for just $20 to help celebrate their 20th anniversary! Hooray! I really want to go back just to eat more of that green curry…. oh my goodness…. 

The DD Van Service

For this special anniversary party, The DD Van Service picked us up and dropped us off safely back home. It was quite possibly the only time I’ve ever had wine while on the freeway. Thanks very much to our awesome hosts at World Curry and to Amanda at Passion Roots PR for a wonderful evening of food, drinks, and great company.

Read other takes on this event from Sun Diego Eatsoh-so yummy and Faye’s Fork.

World Curry
1433 Garnet Ave.
San Diego, CA, 92109

Disclaimer: Our van ride and our meal was complimentary thanks to Passion Roots PR and World Curry. I was not further compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

4 thoughts on “world curry 20th anniversary

    1. The tequila train was cool, too bad it didn’t actually go anywhere or take me home, haha. Boy I loved that green curry, it was so delicious!

  1. I remember when this place opened. One of my friends knew the owner (the wife I believe), but I never got around to eating there. I think I still have a coupon for this place from that big book that we get. It’s right across from the old Sugar and Scribe (which is now PB Bakery/overpriced by the way, $4 a cupcakes? No) and Thrift Trader…and on the corner, Papa Luna’s Empanadas. Bert, TC and I will have to try World Curry and take advantage of their special menu. Everything looked good!

    1. Oh, is there a coupon in there? Man, I’ll have to check! Did Sugar and Scribe move closeby? Boo, $4 cupcakes! The only bummer part is trying to park down here, ugh. The Thai food was excellent, I think you’d all enjoy it – they have more than just Thai curry!

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