December, 2014

december nights

Jake’s mom worked at December Nights this year so of course we wanted to go down and see what’s she’s been working on these past few months! She helped organize the vendors in certain areas of Balboa Park and we were able to check out the area she organized, grab some food, and walk around Balboa Park. She also managed to snag us a parking pass in one of the lots near the Aerospace Museum so we didn’t have to …

it’s the holidays. this is not a real post.
December 18th, 2013 etc, Mary, Recipes Mary 5 Comments

Yeah… what I said in the title!
I was too busy yesterday to get my act together to do a proper post today. I went to the Headquarters last night for a very fun blogger event that involved lots of samples and lots of window shopping. And then I came home to bake up some cookies to give to Jake’s softball team for their final game of the year (until next year after the holidays!). 
These are White Chocolate Peppermint Oreo Cookies!

 They …

pumpkin patches and jack o’ lanterns
October 21st, 2013 etc, Mary Mary 4 Comments

I haven’t made a jack o’ lantern in ages and I really wanted to make one this weekend. Jake and I took his younger son, S., over to the pumpkin patch in Mira Mesa to pick out a pumpkin and let him do a few of the fun things there.

[pumpkin patch]
We were in for quite a surprise when we saw the actual prices on the pumpkins…
We cheated a little bit and let S. go on the big slide (which he …

[recipe] carrot cake m&m cookies
March 29th, 2013 Mary, Recipes Mary 5 Comments

Two recipe posts in one week?! I must be going batty. Or there’s some kind of holiday on the horizon. Hmm.
Honestly though, I can’t believe I haven’t made Easter treats before this instead of buying all of the candy from the store. In addition to Zombie Bunnies, Jake’s kids will also be getting cookies. Specifically, cookies made with these little gems:

Lucky for me, I already know the kids love these since we took a bag with us to see The …

heath toffee rice krispies treats with browned butter for your valentine
February 11th, 2013 cake decorating, Mary, Recipes Mary 0 Comments

Valentine’s Day is making a pretty fast approach (pssst, it’s on Thursday). Instead of doing a last minute “oh crap I kind of forgot” gift… take a little bit of time to do make something for your sweetie this year instead of another gigantor box of chocolates. I offer you this as a solution: rice krispies treats, all doctored up and fancy lookin’, enough to impress any well meaning boy or girl. If you don’t have a sweetie yet, this …

holiday baking recap 2012
December 24th, 2012 etc, Mary Mary 0 Comments

I kind of slacked on doing photos for everything this season. But here’s a little Holiday Baking recap!

It isn’t the holidays without just a few sticks of butter, right?

I wasn’t going to make these Lemon Ricotta cookies this year but after a few hints from people I figured I had to bring this one back again.

Laura came by to help me with my baking, too! I made a thick lemon icing for the cookies and Laura helped out by icing …

making saltine candy “almost gourmet” for christmas
December 17th, 2012 Mary, Recipes Mary 6 Comments

I’ve made saltine candy (also known as “caramel chocolate crackers“) for Christmas for a few years now. Last year, Stacey joined me and we experimented with flavors – actually, just one flavor – and bacon saltine candy was born.
This year I wanted to “step it up” and Stacey and I created eight (!!) different batches of saltine candy – experimenting with flavors, spices and other additions to the caramel – such as evaporated milk, cinnamon, chai, and whiskey.
Here are a …

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