pumpkin patches and jack o’ lanterns

I haven’t made a jack o’ lantern in ages and I really wanted to make one this weekend. Jake and I took his younger son, S., over to the pumpkin patch in Mira Mesa to pick out a pumpkin and let him do a few of the fun things there.


[pumpkin patch]

We were in for quite a surprise when we saw the actual prices on the pumpkins…

We cheated a little bit and let S. go on the big slide (which he went on like 4 times) and then we hiked over to Fresh n’ Easy for pumpkins which were on sale 2 for $6. The same sized pumpkin at the patch probably would have cost us about $11 (each!!).

I don’t know about you… but paying $11 for one medium sized pumpkin is a bit too much for me!


[Me giving Jake a little kiss in the pumpkin patch]


[Jake and son in the pumpkin patch]


[Mary is a silly witch]

The next morning we got up and after breakfast (I made Trader Joe’s mini croissants with thick sliced bacon, scrambled eggs and country gravy) we started working on the pumpkins!


I sketched out my design on my pumpkin with a dry erase marker. I didn’t think that inner eye out very well since you know… it’s not attached to anything. I was kind of rusty.


S. was grossed out feeling the “pumpkin guts”. I stuck with using only a spoon since it is kinda gross…


Jake pretends to eat the “guts” as a horrified S. looks on.


My pumpkin only has two teeth. I think he got into a fist fist.


My toothy pumpkin grin.


All done!


Pumpkin carving success!


Maya, our resident supervisor, watches from her spot in the sunshine.


Here’s S.’s pumpkin all lit up!


And here’s mine.


Pretty snazzy, don’t you think! I am proud of our pumpkin jack-o-lantern creations!

4 thoughts on “pumpkin patches and jack o’ lanterns

  1. I loves!! Yeah I only go to those pumpkin patches for my sister’s kids but then we head straight over to Vons to buy the pumpkins there 🙂

    Maya looks quite serious. Good girl.

    But do you love the smell of the candle burning inside the pumpkins at night?! I love love love that smell.

    I’ve been wanting to host an adult pumpkin theme carving thing but everyone said it’s too much work 🙁

    1. Thanks, Faye 😀 Dude… I never imagined the pumpkins would friggering cost that much at the pumpkin patch! Geeeeez.

      Maya is a serious puppy. On occasion. haha

      I love the smell of burning candles period. So yeah! Bummer no one will join you in pumpkin carving fun 🙁 Too much work… are you serious?! Maybe you need to entice them with a contest or baked goods or something!

  2. i’m still trying to figure out what bert will carve (notice, not me, haha) on my pumpkin. i’m thinking maybe voldemort or some other evil creature. your pumpkins came out really cool! i like the shots in the daylight and then lit up! Very nice! Do your pumpkins last ’til Halloween?

    1. Haha, sounds like Bert is a good carver then 🙂 Voldemort would be pretty cool on a pumpkin! I don’t know if the pumpkins will last til next week… here’s hoping! They had a little white mold on the inside today which I burned off. We’ll see how long they last 🙂

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