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the tasty things in life: buffalo chicken wings from rosaria pizza

This week’s tasty thing in life are these buffalo chicken wings from Rosaria Pizza in Mission Beach.

Almost every time we go to Rosaria Pizza now I want to order these buffalo chicken wings. They are crispy and a slight crunch on the outside, meaty, juicy and just spicy enough. They aren’t super spicy but still needs a dunk in some cooling sauce. It leaves a slight burn inside your mouth, but nothing that hurts (which is my preference). I love …

babycakes / hillcrest – san diego, ca

I’m always interested in trying out a new cupcake place in the hopes of finding that “perfect cupcake”. Maybe there is no such thing but it’s fun to go on the journey and see how different shops do cupcakes!
Jake, the kids and I were in Hillcrest one evening and after dinner we walked over to Babycakes to get some dessert. Babycakes has a bakery area on one side and a bar on the other side of the shop with outdoor …

world’s oldest operating mcdonald’s / downey – los angeles, ca

This is my 7th and final day of a week’s long worth of Eating in LA posts! This post cheats a little though. I’m sure you’ll forgive me.
When I was with Jake and Chris and we were on our way to Porto’s, we spotted this sign in the distance:

We joked about their only being one arch and how it was probably some rip off on McDonald’s until we got closer and realized, “Holy crap, it is a McDonald’s!”

We vowed to …

casa bianca pizza pie / eagle rock | los angeles, ca

Oh yes. Day 6!
Alyssa & J gave me the option of picking where I wanted to go for dinner. They suggested 3 different options and I chose Casa Bianca Pizza Pie which is not too far from their house. Alyssa called ahead for seating and they told us the wait would be 40 minutes. Imagine our surprise when we got there and were told it would be another 30 minutes until we could be seated. Unhappy.
We finally got a table …

canelé / atwater village | los angeles, ca

Now we’re fast forwarding to places I went last weekend when I went to visit Alyssa in LA (aka Day 5 of Eating in LA). I drove up Saturday morning since Friday night traffic is killer. Driving up to LA Saturday morning was much more tolerable (until I hit pockets of traffic) and I made good time (about 2 hours). Alyssa and I headed out for breakfast upon my arrival. Alyssa was a little hesitant about coming here for breakfast …

porto’s bakery and cafe / downey – los angeles, ca

Day 4 of Eating in LA! Potato Balls. That’s all I have to say.
I’ve had potato balls at a local Cuban restaurant here in town and they were alright. I’ve been wanting to try the ones at Porto’s for quite some time so this visit to LA was perfect timing for us to stop by and try some out. Our friend, Chris, is also Cuban and I was curious how they would live up to his idea of potato balls …

the tasty things in life: auntie em’s cupcakes

Welcome to Day 3 of “Eating in LA”! Since it’s Wednesday we’re doing another “Tasty Thing In Life” – this week’s item are the cupcakes from Auntie Em’s Kitchen in Eagle Rock, CA.

Alyssa and I went to Auntie Em’s so so long ago. In fact, it’s included in the first blog post ever made on this blog. Whenever I go visit Alyssa, I want to go to Auntie Em’s. We usually go for breakfast and I always get a baked …

dean sin world / monterey park – los angeles, ca

These are the continuing adventures of Eating in Los Angeles! Welcome to Day 2, my friends.
I’ve seen a bunch of blog posts about this next place which is what in part convinced me to try it out. I was in full control of our dining itinerary in Los Angeles which means if I’m craving something, I will find a way to fulfill my craving.
Many moons ago when Alyssa lived in Pasadena, we went to some little Chinese restaurant in Arcadia …

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