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eating japanese snacks or what i did during the san diego blackout
September 14th, 2011etc, Mary, productsmary 2 Comments

San Diego had a major blackout last week. 12+ hours without electricity made me realize that A) I should probably keep my gas tank half full at all times, B) maybe I should have a real emergency kit in my car after all and C) we sure do have a lot of candles in our house.
I was at work when the power cut out, in the middle of coding a new website. Luckily everything had been saved otherwise I would …

D.Z. Akin’s / College – San Diego, CA
September 12th, 2011College, Mary, San Diego Countymary 2 Comments

Jake rarely ever suggests a “new-to-him” restaurant to try out. He’s very much in the “I want to eat at places I’ve been to before” camp and I’ve often dragged him off to try new places. When he suggested we go to D.Z. Akin’s one evening, I said to him, “Who are you and what have you done with Jake?”
I’ve been here before but he never has and I guess curiosity finally got the better of him. I think I …

tasty things in life: best eggrolls in san diego

I’ve lived here all of my life, minus a brief college stint in Boston, and I’ve eaten many, many sub-par eggrolls in my time. I remember finally discovering a delicious eggroll in Boston – something meaty, crunchy and delicious – and wishing there was something like it back home.
Most of the eggrolls I’ve encountered are of the spring roll variety – filled with veggies and weird sauces. I like the chicken eggrolls myself, but often found that they contained so …

crossroads at the house of blues / downtown – san diego, ca
September 5th, 2011Downtown, Mary, San Diego Countymary 0 Comments

Recently I was invited to try out the new menu at the Crossroads restaurant inside of the House of Blues in Downtown San Diego. All of the Crossroads restaurants have been revamped with a new menu from head chef Aaron Sanchez who can be seen on the Food Network in such shows as a judge on Chopped and Heat Seekers.
The new menu rolled out on August 15th here in San Diego ad will continue to be rolled out to other …

September 1st, 2011Downtown, etc, Mary, San Diego Countymary 20 Comments

Edit: My anti-spam filter was broken! Sorry to anyone who wasn’t able to enter this weekend. I will extend the giveaway end date to 12PM tomorrow because of this error!
I personally haven’t been to any of the “Taste of XXX Neighborhood” events around town. I keep meaning to, but then things keep popping up and clashing with my lofty plans. This month you can get in on the action by heading Downtown for the “Taste of Downtown“, featuring 56 different …

tasty things in life: chocolate dipped cones from fosters freeze

I have fond memories of going to the Fosters Freeze in Spring Valley with my parents. I can remember the ride there from our house, through the side streets, before the 125 freeway ever existed. Sometimes on our home way from Kmart (or just a special trip out there), we’d stop by Fosters Freeze for some ice cream and this was my favorite thing to get:

A chocolate dipped cone! And this is the small cone, my friends. The large is …

san diego chicken pie shop / north park – san diego, ca

The San Diego Chicken Pie Shop is a classic diner. I’m pretty sure the decor inside hasn’t changed in years. It looks the same as it did when I was a kid. Chock full of chicken figurines with the same old booths and tables inside the restaurant.

The only thing that seems to have changed is they finally take credit cards (yay!) and the prices have increased. It’s still dirt cheap, though. If you’re really looking to save, you can get …

August 28th, 2011etc, Marymary 0 Comments

Communities, whether they are the neighborhood you live in, a group of close friends or a virtual community you belong to, can be a comfort and an inspiration. Having people around you who support you can make such a difference in your life, from support in what you’re doing, cheering for an accomplishment, or helping you through a tough time. Being a part of the food blogger community in small ways has helped me to feel more inspired, more hopeful …

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