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Rainbow Latte at S3 Coffee Bar

I read over on my friend CC’s blog that there’s a coffee shop in town called S3 Coffee Bar and they have a pretty good tasting Rainbow Latte. Because I’m a sucker for pretty things, I went over the weekend...


Dinner at Saigon Star

One recent evening I went to hang out with my friend, Laura. She’s got two big golden retrievers who really REALLY wish they were lapdogs. This is Cali. Cali just wants you to love her. She’s quite adamant about it....


farmers outlet / grantville – san diego, ca

I love going to grocery stores. I know some people are not really into shopping or grocery shopping but I love it! I love looking at new and different products and searching for new things to cook and bake with. Over in Mission Gorge near the Kaiser hospital on Zion there’s this Farmer’s Market that I have eyed for years but have never gone into. A couple of weeks ago after a quick stop for tortas at Tropical Fruit Paradise, I managed to convince Jake that we should check it out. Not that it takes much to convince Jake to do things. Maybe it’s because he likes me or something.


donut panic / grantville – san diego, ca

I first heard about Donut Panic from a post CC made on her blog about it. I read “fancy gourmet flavors” and “reasonable price” and I was instantly interested! After a ho hum experience with Donut Bar, I’ve been wary...

tropical fruit paradise / mission gorge – san diego, ca 6

tropical fruit paradise / mission gorge – san diego, ca

I buy lots of group deals from Groupon, LivingSocial, Amazon Local and places like that. Lately I’ve felt like a lot of the places I’ve been to have been just kind of “meh” and not really impressive with their food...

ra-ka-de-ka | Fresh Thai Kitchen / mission gorge – san diego, ca 1

ra-ka-de-ka | Fresh Thai Kitchen / mission gorge – san diego, ca

ra-ka-de-ka is a local restaurant with 2 locations in San Diego. It’s in the realm of Pick-Up Stix, but they serve Thai food instead of Chinese. You place your order at the counter, find a seat, and they bring your...

fiji yogurt / san diego, ca 0

fiji yogurt / san diego, ca

Fiji Yogurt is one of the many plethora of yogurt shops that have popped up all over San Diego in the last few years. I think there might almost be as many yogurt shops here as there are Dunkin Donuts...