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la teresita cafeteria / tampa, fl
May 7th, 2014Florida, Mary, Road Tripsmary 4 Comments

On our first morning in Tampa, Chris took us to La Teresita, a Cuban restaurant in Tampa. We went to the cafeteria portion (which is open 24 hours a day Thursday – Saturday) where there are U shaped tables and bar stools for sitting.

You can kind of see how it’s set up in this photo (but only a little bit). We’re sitting at the corner with Jake in the middle of us at the curved part of the U shape. …

taco bus / tampa, fl
May 6th, 2014Florida, Mary, Road Tripsmary 6 Comments

Our flight landed in Tampa at about 10:30PM. Jake and I were still on West Coast time so we were still pretty awake despite the long plane ride across the country. Chris, our friend and host extraordinaire for the week, took us to the first pit spot of the entire trip. He took us native San Diegans to a Mexican restaurant! Chris said this was probably the best Mexican place in town and it’s a little different from anything we …

mondays are hard aka preview photos from my trip!
May 5th, 2014etc, Marymary 6 Comments

Especially when you just got back from vacation! I didn’t have the energy to do a proper post for today, so here’s another “highlight” post. Travel posts to come!

We had pretty much a whirlwind of a trip, visiting many parts of Florida in one week. One place we stopped was a restaurant in Sarasota, FL called Yoder’s Amish Village. We tried their version of Key Lime pie plus this: Peanut Butter pie! It kind of looks like a weird mess …

[product review] asian snacks part two
May 2nd, 2014Mary, productsmary 0 Comments

Another edition of crazy Asian snacks! All of these are again from H Mart, where I like to browse the aisles looking for different snacks to try.

Yes! Chips! Why! All! The exclamation points?!

These are sort of like popped crunchy air chips. They are a bit sweet and a bit salty and I really liked the texture of these. Maybe the exclamation points have a point after all. Yummy!

I got these because they said “During my stay in caffe” which just …

revisit to woody’s burger / miramar – san diego, ca

I hadn’t visited Woody’s Burgers since last year when we had a uh… not so great experience with the food. I was recently invited to come back in and give Woody’s Burgers another shot – and I dragged my co-workers David and Matt along for the ride since they were with me during the first visit!

The menu looked to be about the same as our last visit.

These aren’t listed on the actual menu, but every table has this list of …

Tampa Preview
April 29th, 2014Florida, Marymary 6 Comments

Here’s just a little peek at some of the tasty foods I’ve tried so far here in Florida!

This is Cheese Toast! It is Cuban bread that is grilled with butter and Cuban cheese. Ooey gooey and so yummy! It’s like a grilled cheese sandwich.

We also stopped by a Cuban bakery and picked up a few baked goods. One was this caramel Napoleon – filled with pastry cream, caramel and nuts. So freaking yummy!

And since we are in the South it …

[recipe] avocado orange and tomato salad
April 28th, 2014Mary, Recipesmary 4 Comments

Recently I was eating lunch at home with Maya and watching Ina Garten do her thing in the Hamptons. On this particular episode she was making an Avocado and Grapefruit salad which immediately piqued my interest. Avocado and fruit and a vinaigrette, that’s it?! Laura was coming over to join me for dinner that night and I thought a little twist on that idea would be a perfect starter for us that evening.
I don’t particularly like grapefruit though so instead …

taste of hillcrest 2014 recap

One more recap and then I’m totally GOING ON VACATION. YESSSSSS. I already mentioned this but I’ll be in Florida, visiting various parts I have never seen before and hopefully sampling a lot of key lime pie. I’ve got a few posts lined up for next week (or well, I’m working on it anyway) so you can still enjoy some random crap awesome things while I’m gone. I’ll be posting photos of my adventuring on Instagram if you want to …

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