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deal alert: mendocino farms in los angeles 0

deal alert: mendocino farms in los angeles

LivingSocial is offering up some stellar deals this summer for folks in the Los Angeles area. The Visa Deal of the Day is a deal where if you purchase the deal using your Visa card, you get a free deal...

cupcake camp orange county 2

cupcake camp orange county

I was invited to participate and go to Cupcake Camp OC taking place on Sunday, August 1st, but sadly (super, super sadly) I’m not able to go! Jake and I have a friend visiting us from Florida and we already...

free fruit smoothies: mcdonald’s tweetup / san diego, ca 0

free fruit smoothies: mcdonald’s tweetup / san diego, ca

This week, San Diego McDonald’s is hosting a tweetup on Friday, July 16 to introduce its newest beverage – Real Fruit Smoothies. McDonald’s will be giving away FREE Smoothies (Strawberry Banana and Wild Berry), as well as other munchies, such...

cheap deals: batter up cupcakes 0

cheap deals: batter up cupcakes

The San Diego Reader’s deal today is for $8 for a half dozen cupcakes to Batter Up Cupcakes. If you’re looking to try their cupcakes, now’s a great time to do it with this awesome deal! Check it out!

doughnut/donut day! 0

doughnut/donut day!

Free doughnuts at Krispy Kreme tomorrow in honor of National Donut Day! Or is it Doughnut? Does it really matter? Maybe I should do a doughnut review. Hmmm. In any case, you get a free doughnut of any variety, no...

I wish I could make pie crust 4

I wish I could make pie crust

I would totally make cute things like this and make delicious pies. I can do graham cracker crusts just fine. I know I can buy those premade crusts at the store, too. And yet somehow I’ve also managed to ruin...

Deal at Ciao Bella 0

Deal at Ciao Bella

Over at SocialBuy (which is pretty much like Groupon), they’re having a deal for a place I just reviewed, Ciao Bella. For $15, you can get $35 worth of food and try out this terrific restaurant for a good price!...

pinkberry – free mango yogurt (today!) 0

pinkberry – free mango yogurt (today!)

Pinkberry is adding a new flavor to their lineup this spring: Mango! To celebrate the new flavor’s introduction, Pinkberry stores will be  offering a free “mini”- sized mango frozen yogurt during their Mad About Mango Happy Hour from 5PM-9PM on...

Chipotle donates when you dine 0

Chipotle donates when you dine

Do you eat at Chipotle a lot? Do you think you’ll be dining there this Saturday? Do you love polar bears? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this may be just the promo for you!...

birthday cakes! 1

birthday cakes!

The lack of posts around here is due to my limited budget lately. I’ve got a couple of “cheap eats” posts coming up, but in the mean time I thought it’d be fun to do a post about some of...