Beavertails – Mission Beach, San Diego, CA

I heard about Beavertails forever ago. They’re a Canadian based company that makes fried dough with different sweet toppings on it. I’ve always wanted to […] Read More

sneak joint / mission beach – san diego, ca

The Sneak Joint in Mission Beach is definitely a dive bar. No doubts about it. I don’t mind dive bars, really. I think they’re fun, […] Read More

the 2011 beach pizza crawl

My friends are very brave to take me up on my crazy ideas. Earlier this year we did a Red Velvet Cupcake Tasting and Heather […] Read More

Rosaria Pizza | Mission Beach / San Diego, CA

Rosaria Pizza in Misson Beach is a family run restaurant that has been around for quite awhile. I know it’s been around since Jake’s been […] Read More

gabbiano pizza / misson beach – san diego, ca

My boyfriend has been eating at Gabbiano Pizza since he was a kid. He has the phone number memorized. The owners know him and they […] Read More