san diego fair 2011

I went to the fair this past Tuesday and here’s my recap!

Jake works as a security guard for the fair and he was working that night so we had a few hours together before he went off to work at one of the concert stages.

I met up with CC of Pink Candles at Ridgemont High for a little bit right when we got to the fair. We were going to grab a bite together but I got there a little later than anticipated so we just chatted for a bit before Jake and I headed off to eat stuff!

Since it was Tuesday, Jake and I got mostly $2 tastes for the food items. The $2 tastes are an excellent deal – especially when you don’t want to drop the money on an large serving of something.

The first thing we got to munch on was the Hash Dog. It’s a corn dog with hash browns included in the coating of the dog. It was super crispy and crunchy and the hot dog was nice and juicy inside. I really liked it. Half size was a good portion, too, in my book.

We wandered around a bit and stopped for this taste of BBQ Pork. You get this little cupful of pork and Jake grabbed a cup of BBQ sauce to eat with the pork. I found the pork to be super dry – the sauce helped a little but overall I didn’t dig it. Jake ended up liking it in the end as the sauce grew on him.

After the BBQ, I headed over to get the Australian Battered Potatoes. We each got a taste portion as I didn’t think we could eat a full size serving. I thought Jake would love these (as I do) but he thought it was just okay. These weren’t the sauces he wanted but since there was no choice… I think the ranch is better than the cheese but I loved the crispy exterior of these.

I was starting to feel the need to eat something healthier than all fried foods so I stopped and got a Grilled Corn on the Cob. Course, I buttered it up, added some salt and Parmesan cheese and munched away on it (and shared it with Jake). We sat for a bit in the garden area before moving onto more foods (and wandering around in Bing Crosby Hall).

We stopped at a place that had cheese curds and Jake picked up this taste portion of Cheese Fries. They were meh.

I got the Deep Fried Cheese Curds. I had read there was a taste portion of these somewhere, but I didn’t know where, so I ended up just getting the full size portion of this. These were super tasty to me. Jake thought they were akin to mozzarella sticks, but tiny. The batter is different to me but I loved the gooey cheese with a slight crisp exterior.

The last thing Jake wanted to grab were some BBQ sandwiches and we over to get some taste samples. These were the smallest sandwiches I’ve ever seen. We got the tri-tip sandwiches (you could also get chicken or pork). I didn’t really like the BBQ. I didn’t like the flavor of the meat or the sauce. As soon as Jake took a bite he said, “I don’t think you’re going to like it.” Yeah. I gave him my tiny sandwich to finish off.

After some wandering and meeting up with Stacey and Heather for a bit, these are my last food items of the fair. I got the taste of a Baked Potato (1/3 of a baked potato) with butter and chives. I added a touch of salt and munched this right down. I felt it would be a good base to get my final and my dessert item at the fair.

I was considering getting the Deep Fried Kool-Aid, but I ended up getting this:

The Deep-Fried Reese’s.

When I read “Reese’s” I assumed “Peanut Butter CUP“. But it turned out to be a Reese’s Nutrageous bar on a stick. Which isn’t what I was thinking of. I was totally picturing the peanut butter cups fried like Oreo’s but with a melted inside filled with simply chocolate and peanut butter. This was … all right. Super sweet, of course, nutty inside. I don’t like Nutrageous bars as much because there isn’t enough peanut butter to me, so, there you go. It was just okay. I should have gotten the mini donuts or something instead.

The best thing about the fair though are the Footsie Wootsie machines.


Jake won this stuffed cow for me at the fair. I consider it to be a new relationship milestone. Stacey insisted that I name it, told me it was a boy cow, and I named it “Lucy”. I chalk this up to the fact that I watched “Swingers” right before leaving for the fair.

And, here’s Jake and I. Jake was finally told that he’s been on my blog but I never post photos of myself. He asked me why and I said, “Because I take all of the photos.” So I figured I would make up for it with this goofy photo we took of ourselves. It makes me laugh.

I ended up buying one slice of peanut butter fudge and 2 bags of salt water taffy (the taste size) for my folks. The fudge is really, really good. But my favorite item were the cheese curds! I didn’t get my usual mushrooms or mini donuts, but I had enough foods and tried some new things instead. My tummy didn’t want too many fried things this year!

After dark, I decided to go around and try practicing with this new camera and took a bunch of various night shots at the fair:

Til next year!

6 thoughts on “san diego fair 2011

  1. I don’t know why I’ve never been to the Fair on a Tuesday – seems like a good way to try a bunch of different fried foods! I have to admit – I’ve become a convert to the Australian Battered Potatoes!

    Your night photos look beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Leanne! I think Tuesdays are the best day to go now. Too bad they don’t usually have sample sizes of everything, but its good enough and it makes it a bit cheaper.

  2. Great night shots Mary! And cute photo of you and Jake! The deep fried Reese’s sounds pretty good actually although I would have thought the same thing – that it was a pb cup inside not a Nutrageous bar. I’ll have to try the fair Corn next time. Drool.

    Wednesday would have been a good day to go because of the one price wristband to ride all the rides you can. Well, not for me or Bert but for TC and her friends. Next time, meaning next year!

    1. I’m not into the rides anymore. I would still go on a roller coaster now, but the carnie rides make me a little nervous. The new camera takes good photos! It’s got all kinds of crazy scene settings (including one just for food) and I liked that the flash never went off when I was taking the photos.

  3. The hash dog looks pretty good, and original.

    Erin’s re-cap on SE has me craving a maple bacon doughnut though
    I’m not sure they have a tasting size of those though.

    I like your idea with the corn, add food to lighten things up 😀

  4. Hi Rodzilla! I saw the maple bacon doughnut (they also had they where I got the fried Reese’s) but Reese’s won out. The taste from that stand was 1/2 of a Texas doughnut. I can’t stomach as much fried stuff as I used to, so the corn and baked potato were good ways to offset some of the fried stuff.

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