fair foods!

I’m going to the fair tomorrow! Have you already been? What were your favorite foods?

The deep fried kool-aid was recommended to me as well as a grilled caesar salad. Both sound yummy! I’ve been looking at this food map of the fair and I just spotted “Deep Fried Reese’s”. I think I might be in trouble.

4 thoughts on “fair foods!

  1. Travis is going back to the Fair on the 3rd to do some beer judging. I may have to go with him to keep trying more food. I didn’t even see the deep-fried Reese’s! And I need my Fair mini-donuts fix.

    If you have a bunch of people with you, the Australian Battered Potatoes are really good. We got them with sour cream and sweet chili sauce and I didn’t feel as bad as I might have with the ranch cheese sauce. The cheesy zucchini curls (Chicken Charlie) are good, too, but it’ll weigh you down with its fried-ness. Oh, Travis always has to get deep fried cheese curds.

    We always get some grilled corn on the cob – prices vary from stand to stand, but only about 20 cents. I usually throw in a tri tip sandwich or turkey leg, just to get some protein that’s not fried.

    I may also have to hunt down deep fried jerky.

    I’m going to have to remember this map exists next year for the Fair. It would have been really helpful on our last visit!

  2. I’m planning on mapping out my “must try” list tonight. Tomorrow will be the $2 taste of the fair day, so hopefully some of my “must try” items will be available as $2 samples! The map is brilliant, I wish I had one last year when I was hunting down the hash brown dog (that I never found). It’ll just be Jake and I tomorrow afternoon so the $2 tastes will be super handy.

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