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I’m finishing off my Blogiversary Week with one last giveaway to my current favorite restaurant, which is D Bar in Hillcrest!

But don’t forget about all of the other giveaways from this past week, including:

Jake and I swung by here on Wednesday night. It wasn’t my original intention to dine here – just pick up some desserts to go – but well, after twisting my arm (not), Jake suggested we have dinner at D Bar instead.

Pretty much everything we’ve had here has been great and it’s always fun trying new things. We haven’t been in for dinner before, so here’s what we had.


[crue fries – happy hour size – $5]

Crue Fries are our “we-must-order-this-STAT” item. We happened to be at D Bar for Happy Hour this time and got the happy hour size, which is a bit smaller than their regular size but equally as delicious.


[crispy chicken – happy hour – $5]

Jake also wanted to try the Crispy Chicken – these are panko crusted chicken cut into strips and served with ranch and a passonfruit bbq sauce. The chicken by itself was just okay… but paired up with one of the two sauces really transformed it and made it delicious. I don’t know if these means we’d just shove anything into our mouths to eat the sauce or what, but the sauces were YUM. The ranch was really flavorful and the passionfruit bbq sauce wasn’t like anything I’ve had before – it was not thick like a typical “bbq sauce” – a bit thinner but still made a nice coating with a real hint of sweetness from the passionfruit which really stood out.


[southern fried belgian – buttermilk fried chicken, cheesy waffle “bread” with honey mustard and sweet potato fries – $12]

Jake spotted this one on the menu and I spotted it at the table across from us. I didn’t think it was going to be a sandwich until I saw it and I was really glad we shared because this sandwich is HUGE.


The chicken is perfectly crisp and fried and the honey mustard sauce adds a lovely compliment – almost like you’re eating chicken strips again with a honey mustard dipping sauce (but you know, all gourmet-like).

The waffle acts as the “bread”. The waffle is on the soft side, probably to counteract the crispiness of the chicken so your teeth don’t hate you later for eating all crunchy things. I, of course, would have liked a *little* bit more of a crisp, but the whole thing still worked for me and was quite delicious. Freshly made waffles, freshly made chicken – sign me UP!


We had intended to ask to sub the sweet potato waffle fries but forgot to. But I ended up liking those a lot (especially dipped in that ranch sauce) so I was glad we forgot! We did make a snap decision to add on these vanilla white cheddar mashed potatoes though. If you look closely you can see specks of vanilla in the photo.

I wasn’t sure how vanilla – a thing I normally associate with sweets – would go with this savory dish but it somehow works. The vanilla flavor is definitely there – Jake at first commented that it tasted like there was “cookie dough” in the potatoes since vanilla is so strongly associated with cookies & sweets. The potatoes were creamy and that hint of vanilla just gave it that extra “what the heck is that I’m tasting” flavor to make it interesting.


[molten cake thingy that everyone has / chocolate lava cake • cocoa nib dentelle • raspberry compote • sicilian pistachio ice cream – $10]

Jake always lets me pick dessert since he knows I care about dessert more than he does. I picked the molten cake-lava thingy this time. Always such a pretty, pretty presentation!

The outside of the cake was towards the darker-chocolate side but the inside was much creamier and luscious. The pistachio ice cream was also really delicious and went surprisingly well with the chocolate. The raspberries were served warm and whole but also in a bit of its own juice, adding a slight tartness to the whole dessert.

If you’ve like to check out D Bar for yourself, I’ve got one gift card worth $25 to giveaway to one lucky reader!

Just tell me: If you win the gift card, what would you order from D Bar?

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Contest is open to US Residents. Gift card giveaway is sponsored by D Bar San Diego. My above meal was not sponsored though – I just really love the food here! One winner will be picked to receive the $25 gift card by mail. Winner will be chosen via Contest is open until May 31, 2013 at midnight PST. Good luck!

Author: Mary

Mary is a San Diego native and has been a food blogger for 11+ years. She is an avid reader, a lover of puppies, and loves trying new food. Foods she loves: sweets, peanut butter, pasta, Triscuit crackers with cream cheese, and extra nuts on top of her sundaes. Food she dislikes: pickles, really spicy food, runny eggs, olives, and too much arugula.

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  1. There are so many delicious things to choose from!

    If someone twisted my arm and forced me to only get a couple of things, I would probably choose the D Bar Dates (roasted dates + bacon = sweet and salty awesomeness), the Dressed Avocado (because I’m become fancy salt snob) and the Kobe Sliders (because how can you resist the mini burgers + mini paper bag full of fries?).


  2. The buttermilk fried chicken, cheesy waffle “bread” with honey mustard and sweet potato fries just looks too good to pass up I’d think I’d get something along those lines!

  3. I love desserts, so I’ll be sure to order that – bit the southern fried Belgium is calling my name!

  4. I’d order the Crue Fries, the Dressed Avocado, the Kobe Sliders, and the vanilla white cheddar mash (thank you for bringing this to my attention!) and share family-style, and hog a Cake n’ Shake all to myself like Gollum. 😉 I realize this comes in at over the gift card total, but it would take the edge off the bill! I’d make it up in the tip anyway.

  5. I’d start with the D Bar Dates. Everything else sounds fantastic. If I went for dinner, I might order the Lobster Risotto.

  6. Can I cheat and say that I’d want to order everything?!? No? Ok…If I HAD to choose rightthisinstant, I’d order Miso Black Cod….and everything from the dessert menu “to share”.

  7. Oh, Mary… the southern fried belgium looks heavenly, that’s what I would order. DROOOL. Also, I liked your photo on Instagram (jan44jan). Thanks, Mary! 🙂

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