my salty obsession / win a tropical sea salt

I’ve got a confession to make: I’m kind of a salt snob.

I don’t remember the last time I bought regular table salt, and quite frankly, I see no use for it. There’s a whole array of delicious salts that exist in the world that taste a thousand times better than boring table salt.


This is my current “salt collection”. The Fleur de Sel is the most used up bottle – I use it in cooking, in desserts (it’s perfect in chocolate chip cookies).


This is the Smoked Welsh Sea Salt that I picked up in LA a couple of years ago. The smokiness adds another layer of flavor to foods. It’s almost like adding smoky bacon to a dish – but instead, it’s smoky salt!


This is a sea salt combined with honey granules so it’s got a hint of sweetness along with the coarse grain salt. I’ve topped this off on caramel cupcakes and other desserts.


This extra fine grey sea salt is one of my newest additions to my collection. It’s very fine – like a powder. I used it recently to make popcorn at home. I used coconut oil and added the grey sea salt in with the coconut oil before I added the kernels – perfectly seasoned popcorn! It stuck wonderfully.


This Mayan Sun Tropical Sea Salt is my other newest addition and my current favorite. It’s coarse and imparts a really delightful seasoned flavor to everything I’ve added it to lately – sauteed mushrooms, macaroni and cheese, scrambled eggs – just about everything is improved with a little pinch of this salt.

PS – I adore this new little container I got, which just happens to be a mini salt cellar (it was on clearance at anthropologie and the tiny spoon was what made me want to buy it).


In honor of my great love of salt, I am giving away one bottle of Mayan Sun Tropical Sea Salt so you can flavor up all of your dishes, too.

To enter this contest simply answer this question: what is your favorite salty treat?

Gain an additional entry by liking my salt cellar photo on Instagram. Leave an additional comment with your Instagram handle.

This contest is open only to US residents. One winner will be chosen via and will receive one unopened bottle of Mayan Sun Tropical Sea Salt. This contest is not sponsored nor affiliated with any company – I just have a really serious love of sea salt. Entries accepted until May 28th, 2013 at midnight, PST.

16 thoughts on “my salty obsession / win a tropical sea salt

  1. I posted my response on Facebook but here is what I love:

    Mmmm….my favorite salty treat would be melted salty cheese with a coarse grained sea salt. Microwave a hunk of nice cheddar Dubliner Irish cheddar with Whiskey is a fave for about a minute until the edges are crispy and the center is melted goo then sprinkle with some lovely salt. Finger licking good!

  2. So hard to pick just 1! I think it’s either Trader Joe’s Salt & Vinegar Hawaiian Chips, popcorn, or those big yummy soft pretzels with extra salt.

    For now I’m going with the pretzel, but I think it’s because I want a pretzel…

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