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These are other birthday freebies that I got for my birthday that I didn’t feel warrant their own post but I wanted to put them somewhere. I’ll also talk at the end about a few things that I didn’t take advantage of that are out there for you to get for your birthday, too!

[Chocolate Croissant from Panera Bread]

The My Panera card yields you free goodies throughout the year – not just for your birthday. I’ve gotten free bagels, free coffees, free pastries, free teas and other goodies since I’ve signed up, plus coupons off breads. I have never gotten free whole meals (like sandwiches or soups), mostly just the smaller stuff, but that’s okay with me. For my birthday I received an email indicating I had something special for my birthday. It was for a free pastry and I got this chocolate croissant for a quick breakfast.

Normally I would love these, but I had that weekend had a homemade chocolate croissant during a pie making class from Rachel Going, a pastry chef at the Banker’s Hill Restaurant, and let’s just say that I was spoiled because it was one of the bestest croissants ever. Oy.

How to get? You must go into a Panera Bread to get a card, but it’s free and easy to get. Just ask for a card and register it online. I think you get something free right away, too.

[Vanilla Tea Latte (venti, aka large!) from Starbucks]

Free Starbucks drink for your birthday. Any drink. Any size.

I don’t drink coffee anymore (it makes my tummy very, very angry) so instead I got a Vanilla Tea Latte. I got a large venti just because I could. I got it unsweetened with 2% milk. It was pretty good and I almost drank all of it.

Yes, those droids on my desk at work.

How to get? You need a Starbucks card for this one. Any gift card will do. Just register it on their website and they will send you a postcard in the mail. I got mine the day before my birthday and it expired 2 weeks later.

[Peanut Butter Cup Perfection / Cheesecake Fantasy from Cold Stone Creamery]

Cold Stone changed their birthday coupon. Boooo.

It used to be that you got one free “Love it!” creation but now it’s basically a buy one get one free coupon. Jake and I went here because I thought I had a group-deal coupon that was still good (it wasn’t, it expired a few days before) and since we were already there I just got some ice cream. I barely ate any of mine (the chocolate-pb one) and gave the rest to my dad when I got home.

Jake really, really liked his cheesecake ice cream thing – it had fresh fruit and graham cracker in it and it sort of almost makes him like Cold Stone. Sort of.

We both got signature creations so it cost like $5.49 or something. God, that’s a lot of money for ice cream.

How to get? Sign up online at the My Cold Stone Club for an okay coupon deal. Pfftt.

Some Other Birthday Deals

->Free Grand Slam at Denny’s (must do it on your birthday) – Denny’s Rewards
->Free sandwich combo at Jersey Mike’s (must do it on your birthday) – Jersey Mike’s Email Club
->Free breakfast sandwich with drink purchase at Einstein Bros. Bagels – eClub
->Front of the line pass to Phil’s BBQ – Phil’s Club
->Free corn dog from Wienerschnitzel – Wiener Lover’s Club
->Free Giant Messy Sundae from Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza or Roppongi – eClub
->$30 birthday certificate to Benihana – the Chef’s Table
->Free bowl of noodles at Noodles & Company – Noodlegram
->Free scoop of ice cream at Baskin-Robbins – Birthday Club

All 2011 Free Birthday Food Posts:

Missing Deals?

Jake got the Benihana certificate and I did not. Last year I got a coupon for FreshMXNFood but didn’t get it this year. Also didn’t get one for El Torito this year, but their website still states you get a free meal for your birthday.

I’m mostly interested in learning about more local deals than what the chain’s offer, so if you know of a great birthday deal in San Diego, please comment and let me know!

10 thoughts on “other birthday freebies

  1. Thanks for all the tips about birthday deals! I knew about some of them, but now that I’m signing up for more, I can’t wait until my birthday rolls around! I might have to sign my husband up as well since his birthday is sooner than mine…

  2. I can’t think of any local, non-chain restaurant that offers birthday deals. It does seem like it’s a chain-restaurant thing to have birthday offers. I’ve done a bunch of the ones you mention, and you can add Souplantation and Hometown Buffet (I know – more chains!).

    The one for Phil’s BBQ was nice (front of the line pass), but it seemed weird to not wait in the line!

  3. Hi Sandy – I know, it is mostly chains! I think I’ve found some good local ones though so I’ll have to keep a look out for any others. Thanks!

  4. Benihana has changed their birthday program starting in 2014. It is now a buy-one-get-one deal. Not as good as getting it free. I actually signed up late last year for my b-day in 2014 to take advantage of a free meal, but I think I will be skipping them now.
    If you go in a group and someone else is already buying a meal, then yours is free. If you go buy yourself, then you still need to buy a meal in order to get your free meal. I was so looking forward to this one too! I will check out your other recommendations.

    1. Hi Susie – Thanks for the head’s up. It seems a lot of places have been cutting back on their freebie birthday programs. Too bad!

  5. Saw this link from another post-I do read and just don’t comment much.

    The Mister signed up on Sycuan’s site while I was in Michigan because it was something about military and also he was bored. He just got a birthday coupon for TWO free buffets. I tend to not sign up for the same things he does, because our birthdays are seven days apart and I feel bad trying to use two freebies at the same time- and now this!

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