cafe hue / kearny mesa – san diego, ca

First things first. If you visit the blog on a regular basis, you’ll see a couple of minor tweaks. I’ve been wanting to redo the blog and rename it for awhile but didn’t really feel like actually having to hassle with it and move it, so I just did a few minor tweaks – oh, and gee, changed the name of the blog. No biggie. You like?

Onto the food!

Last week Jake and I were going to go Downtown to check out a new stand-up comic, but I ended up not being in the mood to traverse Downtown. Instead, we went to get dessert. Dessert makes me happy. Trying to park Downtown does not. Dessert wins!

Cafe Hue is a little cafe over on Convoy Street in Kearny Mesa. They have a few different offerings, including waffles, crepes, gelatos and coffees.

Jake, T and I sampled a the lot of them. We tried the taro, honeydew, nutella, green tea, and even the black sesame gelato. I didn’t like the green tea at all – I just don’t dig that flavor. The sesame was really surprising – it tasted exactly like roasted sesame seeds, but creamy. It kind of freaked me out a little.

Also, trying honeydew RIGHT AFTER sesame is a bad idea. Ugh.

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