TIABI Coffee & Waffle Bar: Our last meal in Vegas

And now… for my last Vegas post! After some “just okay” dinner at a Chinese place called China Mama (which we visited last time) and some gambling (I finally played roulette – and won!), we hit the hay late in the evening and were surprisingly up at a reasonable hour on Sunday morning. We gathered our stuff and prepared to get out of dodge on the early side – before most folks were even starting to stir.

TIABI Coffee & Waffle Bar | Las Vegas, NV

After check-out, we headed Southeast of the Strip to a little place called TIABI Coffee & Waffle Bar.

TIABI Coffee & Waffle Bar | Las Vegas, NV

It’s in a strip mall a little ways away from the Strip in a “normal” looking part of town. Right next door I spied a restaurant called “Mabuhay Kitchenette” – a Filipino fast food place. They weren’t open yet so we couldn’t really peek inside. 

Counter | TIABI Coffee & Waffle Bar | Las Vegas, NV

It was around 8:30AM when we arrived and there were only a few folks inside. 

Interior | TIABI Coffee & Waffle Bar | Las Vegas, NV

Menu | TIABI Coffee & Waffle Bar | Las Vegas, NV

Here are their menu offerings. Everything with waffles! They have “classic” offerings which are basically just waffles with toppings along with “wafflewiches” which are sandwiches that use the waffle in place of bread.

Artwork | TIABI Coffee & Waffle Bar | Las Vegas, NV

I placed our order and admired the cute bakery-monster themed artwork on the walls. 

Playing cards | TIABI Coffee & Waffle Bar | Las Vegas, NV

Every table at TIABI had a deck of cards on it (it is Vegas after all) and Jake dealt the cards for us so we could play a few games while we waited for breakfast to arrive.

Pistachio Latte | TIABI Coffee & Waffle Bar | Las Vegas, NV

[pistachio latte with espresso / $3.85 (small)]

I got a hot coffee to go along with my meal – a pistachio latte to be exact. It was quite foamy and had a nice base of pistachio flavor. It wasn’t a really strong flavor but it tasted natural, not artificial or sweet. In fact, I had to add half a packet of sugar to make it more in line with my tastebuds so it wouldn’t be quite as bitter. I liked it, though I only drank about half. We were in for a long car ride home!

Breakfast Overview | TIABI Coffee & Waffle Bar | Las Vegas, NV

After Jake and I played a couple of games of Blackjack and Go Fish, our food arrived! 

Waffle Sandwich with Fruit | TIABI Coffee & Waffle Bar | Las Vegas, NV

[#breakfast sandwich with bacon + fruit cup / $5.99 + $1.00 ]

The first item we got at TIABI was a simple wafflewich with an added fruit cup for a buck. There was a nice variety of plump and juicy fruit – blackberries, strawberries, and banana slices.

Waffle Sandwich Closeup | TIABI Coffee & Waffle Bar | Las Vegas, NV

Here’s a closeup of our waffle sandwich which came with eggs, melted cheese, and crispy bacon on a freshly made waffle! I cut the wafflewich in half for Jake and I to split. I liked that the waffle had a crispy edge but was soft in the middle. The plain waffle tasted nice with the combination of eggs, cheese and bacon. My only wish was for some kind of sauce to bring it all together – maybe a little pesto aioli or a little gravy or something? I still really liked it even if it was “missing” a sauce.

Waffle with butter | TIABI Coffee & Waffle Bar | Las Vegas, NV

[golden waffle / $4.00 ]

I was glad we decided to also split one of TIABI’s plain golden waffles so we could taste it in it’s own special glory. It came with just a simple sprinkle of powdered sugar plus some butter. 

Plain waffle | TIABI Coffee & Waffle Bar | Las Vegas, NV

They have bottles of syrup available near by and I only needed a little drizzle to compliment the tasty waffle. I really enjoyed the crispy edges of the batter and I liked that it was nice and soft inside. It doesn’t need much to highlight it and this simple base really can be dressed up in so many ways. Yummy!

We both enjoyed our simple breakfast and thought it was a nice way to end our little getaway weekend trip. Who needs big breakfast buffets before a long car ride anyway? Not me!

Gas prices in Vegas

We had filled up the night before for $1.99 so I was only a little disappointed to see even cheaper gas on our way out. $1.99 is still good though (for Chevron gas)!

Til next time, Vegas! 

TIABI Coffee & Waffle Bar
3961 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, Nevada
(702) 222-1722

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