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fluffy duffy’s snow cream / college – san diego, ca
March 4th, 2014College, Mary, Rolando, San Diego CountyMary Desjean 8 Comments

Last week after Jake’s first softball game of the new season (they had a two week break and won 20-9 for their first game, woohoo!), we headed over to Milo’s Pizza for a couple of slices of our favorite pizza (ricotta/mushroom is my favorite topping now). Lo and behold next to Milo’s was this place:

Fluffy Duffy’s Snow Cream! What! It had been maybe a little over a month since we had last been to Milo’s and the place next door …

revisit to callahan’s / mira mesa – san diego, ca
February 25th, 2014Mary, Mira Mesa, San Diego CountyMary Desjean 8 Comments

It’s been quite awhile since I last posted about Callahan’s… like, five years actually! The place looks the same once you step inside but now they have a fancier looking menu – one sheet instead of the book they used to have, but with many of the same offerings as before. I visited here last Friday with my friend Laura. We needed a little grub before we could sit down to watch some Downton Abbey! Since I only watch it …

dinosaurs and date shake tasting – hadley vs shields / palm springs, ca
November 21st, 2013Cabazon, Indio, Mary, Riverside County, Road TripsMary Desjean 6 Comments

After heading out of the pretty mountains at Big Bear, we headed out to Palm Springs! Since it was late October it was not super hot like it is in the summer, but it’s actually more “San Diego-like” temperatures – in the 70′s. On the way to Palm Springs we stopped at Cabazon Outlet mall. That place has got a bunch of “fancy” stores like Armani and Coach and a bunch of brands I’ve never heard of because I’m not …

yogurt swirl [revisit] / mira mesa – san diego, ca
November 15th, 2013Mary, Mira Mesa, San Diego CountyMary Desjean 6 Comments

We’re heading into Friday and I have just enough energy to do a short post! We did a quick revisit to Yogurt Swirl after we got Manny’s Taco’s.

This is the large portion and it’s a healthy amount to share between three adults and one kid. We selected the Watermelon Shaved Snow which we topped with nonpareils, strawberry pop jelly things and mango.  

I really liked the strawberry pop jelly things. I don’t know the real name of them, I just call …

[road trip] flurries shaved snow bar / cypress – orange county, ca
September 26th, 2013Cypress, Mary, Orange County, Road TripsMary Desjean 6 Comments

For dinner during our little road trip, we revisited Peking Restaurant, a Chinese place we really liked. Heading back to the hotel, right across the street from our hotel actually, I saw this place called Flurries Shaved Snow Bar. Guess where we went for dessert? You better believe it!

This was a spur of the moment dessert and we just shared one thing since we still had donuts back in our room. We weren’t sure what to get and then we …

mj’s yogurt time & deli / chula vista, ca
September 16th, 2013Chula Vista, Mary, San Diego CountyMary Desjean 10 Comments

The best thing about read food blogs and having blogger friends is finding out about neat places that you would otherwise never ever know about, or would probably never try out. I had seen a post on CC’s blog Pink Candles at Ridgemont High about MJ’s Yogurt Time and Deli. Specifically, I saw this magical thing called “longanisa fries” I knew it was something I had to try! She was nice enough to send me some coupons as well – …

charley’s famous hamburgers / lemon grove – san diego, ca
August 12th, 2013Cheap Eats, Lemon Grove, Mary, San Diego CountyMary Desjean 9 Comments

A few weeks ago Jake and I were out and about and planning on grabbing some lunch. We had decided to go to Fred’s in El Cajon since we felt it needed one last shot before we took it off our rotation. The last few times we had visited, the food wasn’t as good. The fries and burgers were not the same – lack of taste and seasonings. You could tell the quality just wasn’t up to par and not …

coast of pacific beach restaurant walk 2013 – san diego, ca
June 12th, 2013Mary, Pacific Beach, San Diego CountyMary Desjean 4 Comments

Last month I was invited to go to the Coast of Pacific Beach Restaurant Walk. Since it was held in mid-May, of course the clouds rolled in early and made for a gray evening. But no matter – Laura and I still did our fare share of walking and visited 13 of the 28 restaurants on the list. Not bad!

[honey goat cheese crostini at moray's in the catamaran hotel]
We started at the end of the list and worked our way …

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