Pop Pie Co

Last month Jake and I visited Pop Pie Co for the first time! It’s been a long time coming since I’ve wanted to come here for awhile and I was super glad we finally found a time to visit! Pop Pie Co is located on the edge of University Heights […] Read More

Freeze San Diego

A few months ago, I made Jake take me to this new ice cream shop off Convoy called Freeze San Diego. I had discovered they had this magical treat called “Black Magic Ice Cream” which…. hold onto your hats, folks, was BUTTERBEER flavored ice cream. Being a total Harry Potter […] Read More

Snappy Dog Chicago – San Diego, CA

You might think that I’m going back and finishing up some more Chicago posts from last spring but oh no – this is a new joint right here in San Diego straight from Chicago! The spot is called Snappy Dog Chicago and it’s located in the old spot for Buddies […] Read More

Holiday Food at Disneyland

Jake and I are now annual passholders at Disneyland! We visited last week to check out the holiday decorations and food. Check out what we tried! Parking has gone up by $2 since our visit last October. Ugh.  We managed to get onto Main Street before the park opened. Pluto […] Read More

Where to eat for free birthday meals in San Diego

It is time for my annual Free Birthday Food post! This year’s edition has got brand things in it! I also managed to make a handy-dandy spreadsheet for easy viewing. The key to maximizing your free birthday meals is to start as soon as possible. There are a number of […] Read More

Sandwiches at The Crafty Butchers

The Crafty Butchers is a new sandwich shop/bar that opened recently in the Miramar area. It’s located next door to the Malted Diner, formerly known as “Capetown”. I’ve gone two times – let’s check out my first visit which was with CC from Pink Candles at Ridgemont High.  I actually […] Read More

Birthday Dinner at Kafe Sobaka Restoran Pomegranate

For my birthday this year I wanted to try something new. That “something new” ended up being Russian food from a local restaurant called Kafe Sobaka Restoran Pomegranate! I made sure to let everyone know we were going to the restaurant in Golden Hills. There’s a very similarly named restaurant […] Read More

New Orleans Creole Cafe – Old Town, San Diego, CA

Recently Laura and I needed to find a dinner spot down in Old Town since we were going to see a play at the Cygnet Theater! We were going to see the Legend of Georgia McBride, which is a play/musical about a dude who accidentally becomes a drag queen. Interesting, […] Read More