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Boston Preview
June 16th, 2014Mary, Road Tripsmary 12 Comments

I am away from California at the moment, in tree laden Massachusetts spending a little time with family. I didn’t have time for a proper post for today but here’s a few snaps and highlights from my trip.

Delicious corned beef hash in a tiny diner in South Boston.

Dunkin’ Donuts! Obviously.

Mmm, fried clams (and fried scallops).

We had creamy ice cream and I pet some cows. And tried asparagus ice cream! Only sampled, it was kind of stringy…

And lobster! It’s been a …

[recipe] strawberry scones with coconut cream glaze
June 13th, 2014Mary, Recipesmary 16 Comments

National Strawberry Shortcake Day is tomorrow and is totally a thing, you guys. I only know of it because I was told about it but I feel like every day should celebrate a different dessert. I wonder if there’s a Coconut Cream Pie day or a Peanut Butter Pie day or a Chocolate Covered Strawberry day. Do these other things exist?? I’m too lazy to Google them right now.

Like I said – I was told all about National Strawberry Shortcake …

Big Bite Bacon Competition at the San Diego Fair
June 11th, 2014etcmary 0 Comments

The Big Bite Bacon Fest is BACK at the San Diego County Fair this year on July 5th!

[samples from Coop's West Texas BBQ at last year's Big Bite Bacon Fest]
In the spirit of fairs there’s a bacon food competition going on and YOU can still register to enter your bacon entry for the fest. Here’s the details about the competition and be on the lookout for my preview post and special giveaway for the Big Bite Bacon Fest!

The Big Bite …

bella vista social club and caffe revisit / la jolla, ca

It probably seems pretty weird that I have two “social club” back to back reviews in place this week. It is weird now that I think about it. It’s not really on purpose, either. Just a crazy co-wink-a-dink.

My cousin was in town recently and we played tourist and showed her around town. We took her to a few places and one of them was Bella Vista Social Club and Caffe for breakfast and to check out the pretty views at …

southpaw social club / downtown – san diego, ca

I waited until the very last day to use my LivingSocial deal for Southpaw Social Club. Like the LAST DAY. LivingSocial put it into the “expired” section of the app and I freaked out a little but then I realized they probably don’t expire it by time so I knew the sucker was still good. Jake came with me as my cohort for this trip (not a surprise, I’m sure) and we enjoyed a nice evening out. Lucky for us …

getting my grill on
June 6th, 2014etc, Marymary 6 Comments

You guys – I don’t know if you know this… but we live in a really beautiful city. The mountains are just an hour away, the beach is RIGHT THERE, it’s nice out about 80% of the time… it’s a wonder we don’t spend more of it outdoors. When my grandpa moved out here to live with us, I found that he loved to just sit outside in our backyard enjoying the warmth, the breeze and the sunshine. It reminds …

el rey de las fritas / little havana – miami, fl
June 4th, 2014Florida, Mary, Road Tripsmary 4 Comments

I only have a few Florida related posts left, so let me get to another one before I forget all about what Florida was like!
After cruising around Key West in the humid warm weather, we left the Keys and traveled up to Miami. I really wanted to have lunch in Miami and picked a place in Little Havana called El Rey de las Fritas.

I read about fritas on Yelp and after doing a Google search and they sounded interesting enough. …

a short break
June 2nd, 2014etc, Marymary 22 Comments

I’m taking a break from blogging today. My grandfather, Raymond, who has just moved out here to live with us at the end of April, passed away on Friday after getting gallbladder surgery and having complications after spending almost three weeks in the hospital. He was 86 years old. My cousin, Jake and I were at his side when he passed and while it was incredibly difficult, I’m glad that we were there for him in the end. He was …

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