Halloween Time at Disneyland

It’s Halloween Time at Disneyland! We haven’t been for Halloween Time since we went for my birthday two years ago since we got our annual passes last November. Sadly we’re blocked all weekends in October so we plan on going at least one more time to enjoy the Halloween stuff.

I packed us up a few snacks to eat. I wasn’t sure how much of this we would eat but I wanted to make sure we had options on hand. I wrapped up a couple of my slim cooler packs to include in our backpack to keep our treats cold throughout the day.

Disney California Adventure

Oogie Boogie is there to greet you at the entrance to California Adventure.

Up Balloons at Disney California Adventure

They added some new murals to the back in the Hollywood area and I snapped this fun photo of Jake then we hit up the Guardians of the Galaxy ride before wandering over to Cars Land.

Halloween Time at Cars Land in Disney California Adventure

I love the decorations at Cars Land!! Everything is so detailed and cute and uses car related things to make up the decorations.

Tow Mater Halloween at Disney California Adventure

Movie Posters in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure

Movie posters at the “Drive-In”.

Jukebox at Flo's V8 Cafe at Disney California Adventure

These are the songs in the jukebox at Flo’s V8 Cafe. We stopped here for a little breakfast.

Kids Waffle Meal at Disney California Adventure

We shared the Kid’s Waffle meal [$6.49] and supplemented this with additional fruit from the snacks I brought. The waffles are SO CUTE! The fruits were… meh, not the greatest tasting. The fruit I brought (watermelon and grapes) tasted fresher. The turkey bacon actually wasn’t terrible. It was a nice amount of food to get our day started. 

Candy Cone Pie at Disney California Adventure

Let’s be honest though, the actual reason I wanted to go to Flo’s was to try their Candy Cone Pie [$5.39]. 

It doesn’t actually taste like candy corn, it just looks like it. THANK GOD. Because if I did I would not order it. It’s actually a vanilla, butterscotch, and white chocolate pudding pie. It’s cute! The crust sucks though. The crust isn’t crisp and was a bit on the soggy side. But the filling itself is nice. Not too sweet, nice flavor. Plus it’s cute. So bonus points for cuteness. 

WALL-E Cake Pop - Disney California Adventure

I don’t remember where I saw this but it was somewhere in California Adventure. WALL-E pops!

Caramel Apple at Disney California Adventure

And caramel apples!

Bacon Cheddar Ale Soup in a Bread Bowl at Disney California Adventure

For lunch, I used the mobile ordering system to order from Pacific Wharf Cafe to get our soup! This is the Bacon Cheddar Ale soup that comes in a trusty sourdough bread soup [$11.49]. It is the seasonal soup for Halloween Time. 

The app is nice because you pay online and select a time window for arrival. When you get there, you use the Disneyland app to tap a button that says “I’m Here!” and they prepare the order for you. It’s nice to be able to skip the line. It only took a few minutes to get our soup.

It’s a pretty creamy, mild-ish soup. I liked it. It had a nice bacon and cheddar flavor, nothing that was overpowering. The bread, as always, it delicious. Jake and I agreed that we prefer the baked potato soup that they have in the winter/Christmas time. 

Bugs Land Closed at Disney California Adventure

If you didn’t know, A Bug’s Land officially closed this month. It will be replaced by a new Marvel land sometime in 2020. 

After walking around a bunch in the sun, we took refuge in the Animation Academy. We sat in the A/C and on comfy benches waiting to “Talk to Crush” and then we went to draw Winnie the Pooh.

It’s a nice break from walking around in the park.

Entrance to Disneyland at Halloween Time

Time to head over to Disneyland! 

Halloween Time at Disneyland

It’s all cute banners and pumpkins over in Disneyland. 

Zero in his doghouse at Disneyland

I brought my little Zero Funko Pop with me and took this photo next to the shop in New Orleans Square that sells Haunted Mansion merch. Isn’t he cute?!

There was one thing I wanted to try that day and it was the Churro Sundae at the Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland. 

Churro Sundae at Disneyland

It’s almost like two desserts in one. They put a warm churro on top of some cookie dough ice cream that has cookie butter sauce and caramel sauce on bottom, topped off with some whipped cream. We ate the churros first while they were still warm and then dug into the sundae. I thought it was delicious! I loved the bites of cookie dough with the caramel sauce. I couldn’t really taste or detect the cookie butter sauce but the caramel sauce was great. Jake isn’t a fan of cookie dough ice cream so he didn’t like it as much as I did. Uhh… more for me! Haha!

We are going to get at least one more trip in and hopefully try a few more treats before Halloween Time is over. Will you be going to visit Disneyland this Halloween season?

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