Sugar Detox Breakfast Ideas

Jake and I officially crossed the finish line and finished our Sugar Detox last week – HOORAY! And while the official detox is now “over”, for the most part Jake and I have decided to keep going with it and just adding in things here and there. We’re sticking to […] Read More

What Can I Eat At Restaurants While On A Sugar Detox???

This very dilemma presented itself early on in our sugar detox – what can we eat at restaurants?? THE HOLLYWOOD MOVIE PREMIERE Jake and I had a movie premiere (!!) to attend in Hollywood the Monday after starting the sugar detox and there was NO way I could make food […] Read More

I’m Quitting Sugar with a Sugar Detox

Not permanently and forever for the rest of my life, but for now. Yes. I’m doing a 21 Day Sugar Detox. Here’s how it all started: Last November I discovered that my blood sugar got way out of control. I packed on all of the weight I lost the previous […] Read More

SDRW Preview at Farmer’s Table in La Mesa, CA

Recently I was invited to check out Farmer’s Table in La Mesa to preview for San Diego Restaurant Week which starts this Sunday, January 22nd, 2018. Can you believe it’s back already?! Farmer’s Table is a super cute restaurant located in the heart of La Mesa. They’re located right next […] Read More

Revisit to Snooze

Over the weekend I was invited back to visit Snooze AM Eatery. Like I could turn it down – Snooze is awesome! I was looking forward to a nice breakfast out on the patio at their newest location in La Jolla (by UCSD in the Whole Foods parking lot). Jake […] Read More

Fried Chicken Sandwiches and Burgers at Royale in San Diego, CA

I recently discovered the Royale has reopened! Royale used to be called Royale with Cheese and was located inside of the Parks & Rec bar in University Heights. We went back in 2016 for Burger Week! It was hard for us to visit Royale more often back then since they […] Read More

Disney Holidays Foods

As Disney passholders, Jake and I were finally able to get back into the parks yesterday after being blocked out for most of December. It was also the last day of the Festival of Holidays at Disney California where they had a bunch of various holiday foods to sample. The […] Read More

Sabores Colombianos / San Diego, CA

Last month Jake, Laura, and I had a little dinner outing at a new-to-us place in City Heights called Sabores Colombianos. They had arepas on the menu and I wanted to try them out and luckily everyone agreed with my plan. Sabores Colombianos is on University Avenue, not too far […] Read More