Mini Pies at the Pie Joint

I’ve been on a “pie quest” recently. I tried to get pie multiple times and failed on multiple accounts. On St. Patrick’s Day I was determined to finally get pie and I choose The Pie Joint as the place to go! But first…. a cheesesteak. I mean… it was right […] Read More

Inchin’s Bamboo Garden – Mira Mesa

Recently my co-workers and I checked out another new restaurant in Mira Mesa called Inchin’s Bamboo Garden. It’s located in the Mira Mesa Mall next to L&L Hawaiian BBQ, Ding Tea, and Crab Hut. This location used to be Mandarin Garden & Bar and waaaaaaaay before that it was Callahan’s […] Read More

Shabu Works – Mira Mesa

I went to Little Sheep one week with Stacey and the next week, my co-worker Cris & I decided to go to Little Sheep for their lunch special. But surprise! Little Sheep is gone and now replaced with Shabu Works – an All You Can Eat hot pot restaurant in […] Read More

Point Loma Fish Shop

Recently I was invited to check out Point Loma Fish Shop, the latest location of the Fish Shop restaurants (there are three others in Pacific Beach, Encinitas, and Hermosa Beach). Point Loma Fish Shop is located right off Rosecrans at Canon Street. This used to be the West Side Tap House […] Read More

Oi Asian Fusion

On the weekends, Jake and I have our cheat days where we have a bit more carbs and try new things! Recently we checked out a newer spot called Oi Asian Fusion. Oi Asian Fusion is located in MishMash’s old location in Barrio Logan (they moved!). Looks like they kept […] Read More

T & H Prime Meats & Sausage – San Marcos

Recently Jake and I were up in the San Marcos area and we passed by this shop. “Gourmet Sausage” caught my eye so after we ran our errand, we stopped in to check out T & H Prime Meats and Sausage. It’s a smallish butcher shop. There’s a small meat […] Read More

Sugar Detox Breakfast Ideas

Jake and I officially crossed the finish line and finished our Sugar Detox last week – HOORAY! And while the official detox is now “over”, for the most part Jake and I have decided to keep going with it and just adding in things here and there. We’re sticking to […] Read More

What Can I Eat At Restaurants While On A Sugar Detox???

This very dilemma presented itself early on in our sugar detox – what can we eat at restaurants?? THE HOLLYWOOD MOVIE PREMIERE Jake and I had a movie premiere (!!) to attend in Hollywood the Monday after starting the sugar detox and there was NO way I could make food […] Read More