friday food finds / part four

By the time this post is up, I’ll be in PORTLAND eating whatever it is Portlanders eat. So, here’s a semi lazy post about some recent food finds.


For my birthday, Alyssa got me this box of Sugarfina Caramels. I loved, loved, loved the box plus the goodies instead of it! It was a taster box and had a bunch of fun caramel flavors! The flavors were Dark Chocolate Seat Salt, English Toffee, Fuji Apple, Matcha Green Tea, Mint Chip, Pumpkin Pie, Robin’s Egg and Tahitian Vanilla. The English Toffee was my favorite of the bunch – it was rich and butter with a layer of milk chocolate coating it. Yum!

Meat Pierogi

I revisited the Pierogi truck! After my previous visit with the kind of bland potato pierogi’s, I decided to give them another shot and got a mixture of the meat and potato pierogi’s. I’m happy to report the meat pierogi’s are much, much better and a lot more flavorful than their poor potato counterpart. If the potato had a little mix of cheese or more seasoning I’d love them, too, but for now the meat pierogi will take it’s place in my heart.


I needed a little morning snack one morning and stopped by Fresh and Easy. I’m not really impressed with their breakfast offerings and figured I’d try a little hummus and crackers. First of all – these crackers are pretty weird. They’re rounded on the top and not perfectly flat. There’s also a TON of “stuff” in them – seeds, bits, twigs, I don’t know. They’re very crunchy and have a mealy texture due to all of the bits that are baked into the cracker. Overall I didn’t enjoy the flavor or mealy texture of the crackers. The hummus itself was just kind of meh. Not something I would get again.


At Rally’s they have Grilled Cheese Sticks (or I guess Monsterella Stix) and Jake, T and I tried them. Jake made me try those Doritos Loaded things at 7-11 and these taste a lot like though, but without the intensely cheesy outside. The outer coating is supposed to have the same seasoning as their french fries and it reminds me of a cross between a mozzarella stick and a chicken strip coating. The inside was melted and overall it just tasted okay to me. Nothing I’d go out of my way for again. It did taste similar to their fries though, but cheesy.


There’s this place down in Mission Beach called Rosaria Pizza that we frequent. Or at least, we go there in the winter when all of the tourists are gone since otherwise it’s a pain to park down here. We’ve known/chatted with the owner, Nam, for a few years now. He changed his breadstick recipe but was nice enough to make the “old” recipe for us on a recent visit. The main difference is that these are twisted and there’s no cheese grilled on top like his “new” bread. We prefer the old skool style. The bread is fluffy and light with a nice outer crunch and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese instead. Yum!


The other thing that I love at Rosaria Pizza are the wings! The wings are really meaty and juicy. Their either baked or broiled (I should really ask) and have the spicy coating baked into the wing. The wings get this lovely outer crispiness that I love and they’re seasoned so nicely. We eat these with ranch dressing and they’re divine. We can’t resist ordering them every time we visit Nam.


Pineapple fried rice from Takhrai Thai in Poway! I gave all of my pineapple pieces to Jake and I got to have alllllll the shrimps. They still put out a solid product here. Mostly I put this photo in here to show off the pretty rice bowl.


Right next to Takhrai Thai is an ice cream shop: Lappert’s Ice Cream. There were a ton of teenagers in there that day getting ice cream but no matter. It’s not like we were in a rush. I sampled a few things and ended up picking cookies & cream for us to share. Their ice cream is so creamy and I loved the big chunks of Oreo’s swirled in.


I decided to splurge a little and FINALLY try some Dole Whip. It’s basically like a soft, creamy, luscious pineapple flavored soft serve. The Dole Whip machine is in a separate room in the back and it takes a few minutes to make the whip. The teenagers in front of us all got Dole Whips so we had to wait about 10 minutes for this to come out. This is a “Dole Whip Shot” for $1.89. It’s A LOT for just a “shot”. I prefer this to eating actual pineapple. No weirdo stringy texture when it’s in soft serve form! I finally see what all the fuss is about.

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    1. $4?! It’s probably a big old serving of it. They had like 4 sizes of Dole Whip here. The shot was the perfect amount, I think. I was glad we shared even that much!

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