food truck lunches at my urban eats and the pierogi truck

Am I sick of food trucks yet? Apparently not. I visited two food trucks last week just for kicks.


The first one was My Urban Eats. My love of green made me love the look of this truck right away. And I love the font they use. I kind of feel like the chicken is eyeballing me though.


This is the menu. I believe they change things up every few months or so. Keeping it in season! The thing that caught my eye and convinced me to go to the truck that day were the words “Pork Belly” and “Burrito”. Say what? Just take my money already, geez. 


[pork belly burrito / $9.50]

The pork belly burrito is filled with two chunks of crisp pork belly with seasoned fries, cabbage, pico de gallo, queso fresco, cilantro, pickled onions, and lime cream.

I almost ordered it without the pickled onions but I decided instead to try it “as is”. Luckily I could barely tasted anything pickled. Though honestly, mostly what I tasted were the french fries and cabbage. The pork belly is not too large. There are two long-ish chunks that look like they were deep fried. The pork belly was a little stringy from it’s dip in the fryer and was a little bit dried out. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t amazing either. I didn’t really taste much of the lime cream which I think could have helped pulled this burrito together. It needed some sauce to meld it into a cohesive dish.


You can’t see it from this angle, but the burrito did get a little time on the grill on one side (the side you can’t see, of course) for a little outer crunch. But really… this tasted more like a french fry burrito to me since the pork belly was only on one side and there was mostly french fries in it. A french fry burrito is kind of a cool idea actually, but that’s not really what I was expecting.


They had three sides for a little extra as an add on to your meal. The french fries were $1 to add and they also had roasted veggies and a watermelon salad for $2 each. I decided to splurge and spent $2 more for the watermelon salad. The menu describes this as watermelon topped with queso fresco, balsamic vinegar and mint. Can you tell which one of those is missing? I actually ordered this because watermelon and mint together sounded awesome together. And yet… no mint. Sigh. It still tasted good but I felt like they skimped on the dressing to really make this shine as a “salad”. I just felt like I was eating watermelon. There was so little cheese it hardy made a difference in flavor but I did like it with the balsamic. The watermelon was juicy and ripe as well, making it a yummy treat.


The other truck I visited was the Pierogi Truck. I’ve been itching to try this truck for awhile. They only come around my office every other week so I had to plan it to get a visit in.


Here’s a closeup of their menu for you curious cats out there.


I waffled back and forth between the potato and the meat pierogi’s. I asked what meat was used and they told me pork. That did sound yummy but the last pierogi I tried (and loved) was potato and my mind kept wandering back to that… so I went with the potato and cheese. I love the grilled onions that come with it! It also comes with red cabbage.


Here’s a peek at the inside of the pierogi. You get six per order for $9 (or $1.50 per pierogi). The outer skin on the pierogi was very nice – it was soft and a little chewy. The filling though was a bit on the bland side. I could barely taste any cheese in it and I felt like it needed more seasoning. It comes with a sour cream garlic dipping sauce that reminded me of a tangier version of buttermilk ranch that helped brighten up the pierogi’s a bit more. I ended up shoving the onions inside and eating it that way to give it a little bit more flavor. I’d like to try out the meat pierogi to see how they compare. Too bad I didn’t ask if I could split it and do half potato and half meat. I will definitely visit again because I loved the texture and softness of the pierogi. A little more cheese and seasoning would have made it perfect!

10 thoughts on “food truck lunches at my urban eats and the pierogi truck

  1. A french fry burrito sounds boring. A french fry burrito with tough, stringy pork belly sounds annoying!

    I DO love the pierogi truck. I blame that truck for the fact that T brought home 2 Costco packs of frozen pierogis when there was some pierogi road show going on. I find the plain potato ones to be bland (even with butter, onions, and bacon in the pan) but the meat ones are delicious. I really like the hungarian pancake with goulash from the truck – it’s like a massive potato pancake with cabbage and goulash and yum. It’s huge, though – I couldn’t finish it by myself.

    1. Hi Leanne – I could see the pork belly burrito being a good thing… but it needs to be done right. And I wish everything had been mixed together a little better. I still like the idea of it, maybe I just got them on an off day. I do want to go back to the pierogi truck and try the meat ones. I loved the skin on the pierogi and the texture but yeah… way too bland. I’ll be excited to try the meat ones next time!

  2. They totally skimped on the cheese and mint on that watermelon salad! Pity because it sounded quite good with everything on it.

    And I love pierogies!! The potato ones at Pomegranate Russian-Georgian Restaurant are awesome. They come with melted butter, caramelized onions and sour cream so that helps to make them less bland / so delicious. Especially the melted butter 🙂

    1. Hi J.S. – Yeah, man! I thought the watermelon would have been more awesome if they actually put in everything that the menu said it would have… bummer. I must visit Pomegranate! I want more pierogis in my life! And butter can only help, right?!

  3. Those pierogis look SO amazing! I need to try those and I need them in my life yesterday. I’ve yet to visit a food truck, what are your top 3 favorites?

  4. I have yet to partake in a food truck thing. I want to really bad but can’t understand why people wait more than 30 min, in line, for food truck food. Was there a long wait to order food for you? I’ve never had watermelon queso fresco salad. I’ve seen watermelon with feta cheese. Does the cheese blend in well with the cold watermelon – or is it just crumbly on top? Can’t believe they forgot the mint. WTH 🙁

    Pierogi = funny mishaped Asian dumplings to me . Do they have a deep fried version too 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great Thurs Mary –

    1. Hi Faye – I usually go to the food trucks that come near my work (not at events) so usually there is no wait in line, just waiting for your food. I don’t like going to the food truck events because of all the lines!

      Honestly I could barely taste the cheese, there was so little of it on top. The balsamic was more present and it gave a little sweetness to the watermelon. The mint sounded SO GOOD with the watermelon so I was so bummed there was zero mint.

      Haha, I haven’t seen/heard of deep fried pierogi but I’m sure someone somewhere does it!

  5. i think the last time i had perogies was from this truck! we used to drop by the mira mesa food truck thing last year but then it got too dark in the winter and then they changed the day and all this other stuff. it’s probably been months since we’ve eaten from one. i think the craze died down…

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