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Cotixan Mexican Food in Mira Mesa is a double drive through window kind of place. It used to be a different drive through place with some really greasy Mexican grub (I don’t remember the name of it) but it used to be one of the only late night food places in Mira Mesa back in the day. We now have a larger variety of options for all night foods and along with the expansion and change, Cotixan took over the old double drive through spot and cleaned it up a bit. Gone are the sketchy outdoor cement tables in front of take-out window. Now there’s nice, easy-on-the-bottom seating under a covered patio with ceiling fans for the warm summer days. The drive through menu is now HUGE and easy to read and the place just has a generally nicer feeling to it.

On this visit I decided to check out a couple of items on my lunch break. One thing I wanted to try were their chips so I got a simple order of chips and salsa for .99 cents. You get a full container full of freshly made chips and a big cup of salsa – pretty generous portion size for just .99 cents. The chips were very crisp and warm and slightly seasoned with salt. The salsa was smooth and had a good flavor to it – just enough spice and kick to make it interesting but not so hot that I couldn’t eat it.

I kept it simple by ordering rolled tacos with guacamole. The rolled tacos were filled with beef  (you can also get chicken) and topped with the guacamole (a plain guacamole, no cilantro or anything) and a mass of shredded cheese. The tacos were very crisp and crunchy. The beef was well seasoned and simple. The tacos weren’t super greasy or dripping with oil – instead it was a cooked well without a ton of grease – just the taste of crisp and fresh tacos.

Cotixan is another good addition to the variety of Mexican food available in Mira Mesa and another good 24-hour drive in option.

Cotixan Mexican Food
Multiple Locations in San Diego
8110 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126
(858) 549-9204

24 hour drive through

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Author: Mary

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4 Replies to “Cotixan Mexican Food / Mira Mesa – San Diego, CA

  1. hi mary – there’s a cotixan down here in bonita too. they have a great potato taco (mashed potatoes). if you haven’t tried it yet, do so! they’re so gooood!

  2. Hi Kathy – I’ll need to revisit and try really hard to not order the same things I always get – perhaps a carnitas burrito will be in order!

    Hey Ryan – That is amusing! Small world 🙂

    Hey CC – I have not had good luck with potato tacos in the past, but I’ll try and be adventurous and try it out!

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