Holiday Baking Day Four: Lemon Shortbread

The best thing about having a lemon tree in your backyard is the abundance of lemons available to you at certain times of the year. This year, the abundance started this winter – a little late in the year, but no matter. It gives me ample opportunity to make these delicious lemon shortbread cookies.

Aren’t they pretty with the icing and snowflakes?

Here’s my batch of un-iced cookies. The other nice thing about these is that I made the cookie dough on Sunday and was able to take out a little at a time and bake when needed so the cookies could stay fresh. All I had to do was slice and bake!

The icing is really simple – just powdered sugar and lemon juice. I added a little lemon juice at a time until I got the right consistency.

Ice and let them set up – with a little sprinkle of snowflake sprinkles to add to the prettiness.

And they are super tasty with the fresh lemon rind and lemon juice in the cookies and on the icing!

My complete Holiday Baking Box with all of the cookies I made this week!

(Recipe to be posted later – tried to find it online again but I have to type it up. Grr.)

Author: Mary

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