caramel stuffed red velvet cookies

I wanted to make Jake something unique and special for Valentine’s Day last week. Red Velvet Cupcakes are his favorite dessert so I wanted to […] Read More

lemon “tea” cookies (with actual tea)

Our lemon tree is seriously overflowing with lemons right now. I keep thinking “I need to make lemon stuff!” and this was just one way […] Read More

peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread

Sometimes you get lonely, over ripened, sad bananas. But they’re not sad! They’re happy! Because they can be transformed from their sad, mushy state into […] Read More

skylanders rainbow cake

For A.’s 13th birthday, I made her a Skylanders cake. A. and her brother S. got into Skylanders after S. got it for Christmas from […] Read More

stabby broken glass cupcakes for halloween

For Halloween this year, my work held a baking contest! I can’t tell you how excited I was about this. I started browsing around on […] Read More

repost: zombie graveyard cake for halloween

Halloween is right around the corner! And if you need a rockin’ cool cake to make for your Halloween party (or any other zombie related […] Read More

berry crumb pie aka i think i love pie

I have been on some kind of pie making kick lately. In the last few months I’ve made a blueberry pie, 2 strawberry pies, this […] Read More

peanut butter + chocolate rice krispies treats

I kind of want to go and make these again. Right now. These are super tasty and super easy treats that you can make. I […] Read More