holiday baking: pistachio cookies

For some reason, I was kind of digging on pistachios.

It sounded like a really good idea to make some pistachio cookies for Christmas this year. Originally I was going to do a lemon-pistachio hybrid of a cookie. Or just sprinkle pistachios on top of the usual lemon shortbread I do. But after a little web searching, I found a recipe for some simple looking pistachio cookies.

They have only three ingredients! That’s it! I figured this would be a good fit to go along with the rest of my more work-intensive cookies this year.

You barely need a recipe for this. It’s a bunch of ground up pistachios, egg whites beaten to stiff peaks, and some sugar. They’re like of like coconut macaroons, but replace the coconut with pistachios.

They’re light, chewy, with a hint of green color. If you put them in a bag and then open the bag, then all you can smell is roasted pistachios. There is a very light crisp to the outer edge, but it’s a pretty chewy cookie and sticks a bit to the pan. I used those silpat mats though so I don’t have to worry about that kind of thing, but you have been warned.

Here’s the pistachio cookie recipe I used from a blog called Off the Broiler. It’s pretty simple and I didn’t really change anything, so you might as well check it out.

The pistachio lovers in your life will thank you for these cookies.


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    1. You should make these! They’re pretty easy. Just don’t beat the egg whites too long (I did that on accident the first time). Thanks for the little stands yesterday! I already used them this morning to snap a few photos of the other cookies I made. Yay!

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