tasty things in life: chocolate + hazelnut

I love hazelnuts. And I love chocolate. It’d be a safe bet to say that I also love nutella.

I recently made some lovely chocolate hazelnut cupcakes for my friend, Stacey, to celebrate her birthday.

I cheated a little and made Devil’s Food cupcakes from a box. I put in a dollop of nutella into the batter before baking them. The dollop created a little chocolatey center (or in some cases, chocolatey bottom). The frosting is a cream cheese nutella frosting and a healthy sprinkling of roasted hazelnuts as a topper. The cute birthday cake decoration is from Do It With Icing!

Homemade cupcakes are truly a wonderful tasty thing in life.

What’s your favorite way to eat nutella?

4 thoughts on “tasty things in life: chocolate + hazelnut

  1. I eating Nutella directly from a spoon, in my pajamas in front of an open cupboard. Spoon is entirely optional. Those cupcakes sound intense — my kind of dessert!

  2. Hi Darlene – Sometimes that is the best way to eat nutella. Another good way is melted inside of a crepe… aw, I think I just gave myself a craving!

  3. Those are pretty and delish-looking cupcakes. I love chocolate, hazelnut and cheese nutella. These cupcakes have all the sweets I love. Stacey must have been thrilled with this home-made birthday cupcakes.

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