Dinner at Saigon Star

One recent evening I went to hang out with my friend, Laura. She’s got two big golden retrievers who really REALLY wish they were lapdogs.

This is Cali. Cali just wants you to love her. She’s quite adamant about it. But how could you not love this sweet face?

After spending time with the puppies, Laura and I headed out to grab some dinner at a place called Saigon Star over in Mission Gorge. It’s right across the way from Kaiser on Zion. It’s in the same plaza as Gaglione Brothers.

Saigon Star | San Diego, CA

Laura at Saigon Star | San Diego, CA

Interior at Saigon Star | San Diego, CA

It’s got a nice vibe in here. The decor is pretty. 

Water bottle | Saigon Star | San Diego, CA

Instead of spending oodles of time filling up your water glass, they give you a big bottle of water. I like it when places do this! 

Menu at Saigon Star | San Diego, CA

Here’s a look at their menu. They’ve got a variety of items available here. It’s a bit of a mix of Chinese and Vietnamese food. 

Menu at Saigon Star | San Diego, CA

Menu at Saigon Star | San Diego, CA

Menu at Saigon Star | San Diego, CA

Menu at Saigon Star | San Diego, CA

Hot Tea at Saigon Star | San Diego, CA

Laura and I shared a pot of Hot Jasmine Tea [$1.50]. The tea leaves are left floating at the bottom without a strainer so I recommend drinking this quickly, if you can. The tea gets stronger and stronger and becomes quite bitter. If you ask for a refill, they just add hot water again and the same bitter flavor is there. I wish they added a tea strainer so you could remove the leaves to avoid the bitterness of the tea.

Wonton Soup at Saigon Star | San Diego, CA

Laura got a cup of Wonton Soup [$4.75]. It was cold out and she wanted something piping hot to eat and this fit the bill for her. I didn’t try it but it looks good. 

Grilled Sugarcane Shrimp Spring Rolls at Saigon Star | San Diego, CA

Laura and I have really similar tastes in food so it’s great dining with her because we can share and agree on everything. We decided to get an order of Grilled Sugarcane Shrimp Rolls [$5.50]. The shrimp doesn’t look like shrimp. It looks like they form a shrimp loaf or something since it looks more like a shrimp wedge. The weird “it don’t look like shrimp!” aspect doesn’t take away from the fact that these suckers are really good. They pack a ton of flavor in with the sticky spring roll wrapper and the noodles and veggies. I LOVED the peanut sauce they served with the spring rolls as well. They elevated the spring rolls and took them to the next tasty level. Yum! 

House Special Noodles at Saigon Star | San Diego, CA

We decided we were in the mood for some noodles and choose one of the noodle stir fry dishes to share. We got the Saigon Star House Special Combo Stir Fry Noodles [$10.75]. You have a choose of noodles and we went with the pan fried noodles (wide noodles). The house special noodles comes with chicken, pork, beef, and shrimp with tons of veggies like boy choy, broccoli, carrots, onions, and cabbage.

House Special Noodles at Saigon Star | San Diego, CA

You can see the thick wide noodles in the center of this photo above. These are the kind of noodles I like! They are wider and a big chewier than their thinner egg noodle counterpart. The sauce on this dish was quite lovely and paired well with the noodles and veggies. It was a tad on the greasy side but I still enjoyed the side overall. I liked the variety of vegetables with the meats and shrimp. It was a great dish for us to share and we even had leftovers!

I would consider coming here again with friends. Jake would probably make a face at the amount of veggies in here but I’d tell him that veggies are good for him! 

Saigon Star
10450 Friars Road
San Diego, CA 92120
10:30AM-9:30PM daily

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