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The day after Catalina and Mozza fun, Jake and I met up with Heather for what I will now call “The Perfect Breakfast”. Why the Perfect Breakfast? Because every single thing we had was incredibly delicious. You know usually you like one thing more than another, or one thing tasted kinda “meh” and there was one stand out dish. Not here. Everything. Was. Delicious. So delicious that I had to put each word as it’s own sentence.


The place where we went was this little restaurant called Salt’s Cure. It’s not a big place. This photo above shows the full width of the restaurant. There’s a bunch of stools on the left where you can watch the two chefs have at it in their open kitchen. I believe there’s a couple of tables behind us not shown. It’s not a large spot.

We got to Salt’s Cure just after 10AM on a Sunday and had to wait a few minutes for a table. We got there at the perfect time since there was a longer wait after we left.


The menu. No descriptions for you. Just trust, I guess. Or do internet research like I did.

The special kind of “thing” going on at Salt’s Cure is that they make everything from scratch and in house. They butcher their own meat to make and cure the goodness that they serve. And it’s all crazy good.

Fresh Orange Juice and Margo's Root Beer / Salt's Cure - Los Angeles | West Hollywood

[orange juice and root beer / $5 and $3]

Okay, so, no… they did not make this root beer. But they did make that orange juice. The orange juice had just the right amount of pulp (Jake said it could have used more but I disagree – I don’t like chewing my orange juice, thank you) and had the perfect amount of sweetness. No bitterness. Just the beautiful glory of orange juice. I didn’t know orange juice could be glorious.

Jake wanted a root beer and this Margo’s Dark is what they put in front of him. I love that the proceeds go to help shelter dogs and the root beer had a rich, robust flavor with a bit of bite, just like the bottle promises.

Heather and Jake trusted me and let me do all of the ordering. We shared everything and did it like a mini, personalized buffet. This is my favorite way to eat out with friends. You get to try more things this way!

Morning Bun / Salt's Cure - Los Angeles | West Hollywood

[morning bun / $5]

When I was doing my research I saw someone talking and drooling about the morning bun so I had to see what the fuss was.

The morning bun… was like a cinnamon bun without the cinnamon or goopy overly sweet frosting. It was flaky and layered with orange zest. It was sugary and pillowy soft. It was like if a donut and a cinnamon bun had a baby, and the sugar and orange was the dominant gene. The orange flavor is more hinted at and permeates the whole pastry. It was incredibly good. 

2x2x2 Breakfast Plate / Salt's Cure - Los Angeles | West Hollywood

[2x2x2 / $13]

You get 2 of everything on this plate (except the biscuit). Two eggs, two bacon, two sausage. Now that I think about it, they don’t even ask you how you want your eggs cooked. This is how you get them. Maybe they take requests, I don’t know, but honestly I was perfectly fine with it. If you know the best way to do eggs, then by all means, please do it that way! Convert me to your eggy ways.

This dish is practically the only way to get their bacon into your mouth since it’s not even available as a side order. Jake stated it was some of the best bacon he’s ever had. There was a nice amount of fatty bits to juicy bacon bits. The sausage was incredible and is actually prepared to medium rare, which I have never seen before. It had a perfect sear on it and a wonderful flavor to it. It’s nice and juicy and a bit pink on the inside. Don’t be squeamish. Just enjoy it.

And I have to say… I really liked the eggs. I hardly like eggs these days and these were cooked perfectly. Maybe I’m into sunny side up after all.

Biscuits and Gravy / Salt's Cure - Los Angeles | West Hollywood

[biscuits and gravy / $8]

Hellooooooo house made sausage gravy. With freshly made biscuits. The fluffy biscuits managed to soak up that luscious gravy quite well. I loved the little bits of crumbled sausage and that pop of flavor from the fresh herbs. This leans more towards a brown gravy, like the kind made with drippings, rather than the white rue gravy you’d normally see at breakfast. Perfectly seasoned, incredibly flavorful, the sausage just takes this to the next level with it’s delicate flavors. 

Ham & Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich / Salt's Cure - Los Angeles | West Hollywood

[ham & egg & cheese sandwich / $14]

Eggs on top! What!

Inside the Ham & Egg & Cheese

The bread on this sandwich made me wish I had ordered a side of sourdough toast (I intended to, but then forgot to order it). I left the egg where it was and did not stuff it into my sandwich. I didn’t want it to distract from the tender ham that was inside this magically golden bread. There is a really solid amount of meat on this sucker. Since I only had a 1/3 of the sandwich it was fine, but normally I’d probably take half of the meat off and save it for another sandwich.

Short Stack of Oatmeal Griddle Cakes / Salt's Cure - Los Angeles | West Hollywood

[short stack oatmeal griddle cakes / $4]

Short stack! It yields you three oatmeal griddle cakes which comes with a slather of butter and some kind of magic since you don’t require syrup on these babies. They tasted like molasses. I loved the slightly chewy texture they had and how thin they were. The edges were golden and crispy. I feel I must learn how to make these immediately so I can have them again and again without traveling all the way to Los Angeles for them.


Seriously. Just go eat here. I kinda wish we were going to LA again soon just so I could eat this same breakfast all over again.

Salt’s Cure
7494 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 850-SALT

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    1. Hi J.S. – I think the pancakes were magic. I think there was a pat of butter on top that melted all over them. I’m not sure were the molasses flavor was coming from. I think I’d need to eat them again to be sure. 🙂

    1. Hi Kirbie! I don’t think I’ve always had perfect meals but usually that one stand out dish will make you not care. If you did have a perfect breakfast somewhere though I’d love to know where! 🙂

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