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big bite bacon fest – 2014 recap

On the second to last day of the fair, Jake and I attended the dinner session of the Big Bite Bacon Fest thanks to Big Bite Events. Since I already been to the fair, we got there about an hour...


july 4th bbq recap

I was not feeling too great on Thursday! I caught a little bit of a summer cold. Colds in the summer time seem worse to me than colds in the winter. It’s like you’re expected to have a cold in...


scoring tickets with

“Scoring” tickets! See what I did there? I’m sure you did and I’m also sure you’re groaning at me right now but it’s okay. Let me tell you about this new site I was invited to try out called ScoreBig....


happy fourth of july!

Wishing you a happy, safe, fun filled, and deliciously awesome holiday! Regular foodie posts resume on Monday.


a visit to the jfk library – boston, ma

Warning: this is a non-food post! Just a travel post!

I went to college at Boston University and spent four years living in Boston. In all that time though I never managed to make it to the John F. Kennedy library! We had a little time to kill that morning before we could check into our hotel later (to sleep) and I suggested we go check out the JFK library. The library is located on the UMass Boston campus near the harbor.


cooking classes and more at the uspca conference in long beach

I was recently invited to attend the United States Personal Chef Association Conference (USPCA) in Long Beach next month and while feeling a little skeptical about it all at first, now I have to say I’m excited to go! Obviously...


a little visit to hogsmeade (or as the muggles call it, orlando!)

More Florida posts!@#!! And this time… to Orlando! You know what that means, don’t you? I went to Harry Potter Land Universal Studios! Well, we ALMOST didn’t make it. The day that we left it rained… and rained… and rained...

Lemon Aid Cookoff and Charity Event - San Diego 0

lemon aid charity event

I got a flyer this week about a Lemon “Aid” charity event put on by UR Charities  that’s happening this Saturday! It’s a local event over in Coronado where they will be doing a “Lemon Cookoff” – kind of like...


Big Bite Bacon Competition at the San Diego Fair

The Big Bite Bacon Fest is BACK at the San Diego County Fair this year on July 5th! [samples from Coop’s West Texas BBQ at last year’s Big Bite Bacon Fest] In the spirit of fairs there’s a bacon food...


getting my grill on

You guys – I don’t know if you know this… but we live in a really beautiful city. The mountains are just an hour away, the beach is RIGHT THERE, it’s nice out about 80% of the time… it’s a...